BOTKIER Quality Issues (or Raves) -- Do Share Here!

  1. Howard St. Large Satchel in Cement

    I am very disappointed. I just received this bag today, and it was defective. I'm positive it was not a return (returned and repackaged). It was completely intact with all tags and wrap and packaging and looked "fresh," but it had stripes of discoloration on the leather. In addition, it had patchy coloring on one side of the bag. But the stripes of discoloration were obvious and clearly a manufacturing defect. I don't even want to reorder another one because I question the workmanship and quality of this bag overall. :sad:
  2. I have 5 Botkier bags now and each one is breaking in and wearing wonderfully. I've had great experiences with Botkier's customer service as well! I had two more bags but rehomed them as they were sales goggles purchases but anyway, my first two were purchased from their yearly sample sale. Even though they state sample sales bags are bought as is, the turnlock fell off of my Bianca and they repaired it for like $25 or $35 and the repair was speedy to boot!

    I also thinking about buying a used bag which was missing a stud and Botkier CS rep Jinnie asked me to send pics of the bag and she sent me two replacement studs. I went ahead and bought the bag and I had the studs even before the bag arrived.

    I've had great experiences with Botkier, love them!
  3. MMMommy~
    Do you mind me asking where you got your bag from? I ordered a howard st. satchel in cement from gilt, which was a final sale. I actually ordered a couple of bags from them, but that one came defective. I thought what the heck I will contact them just to see. There was glue all over it. They took it back, gave me a refund including shipping both ways. So, it never hurts to ask. It was beautiful, but I am a perfectionist, and new with tags to me means new, with tags, without flaws. I knew I was not going to be ok with it. I did not think they would take it back, but they did and they were fabulous about it. Then on the Ruelala final act sale I ordered one, it came with a huge red stain on the side, missing all packaging materials and the dustbag. I contacted them, the only reason they took it back was because they sent me the wrong bag. It was the right color, but wrong bag. I lost some shipping on that one. But at that point was relieved that it was the wrong bag. Scary to think someone purchased it, used it, returned it and then I got it. I did not know that was a possibility. They obviously overlooked that one. I love their bags, the style, the leather. But have been disappointed in the craftsmanship for the money. I am on the fence about their products and am looking for something to pull or push me one way or another. Good luck to you, please share the outcome with us!
  4. Hi Tonij, I'm really glad to hear you've had good experiences with Botkier's customer service. Do you happen to have a phone number or e-mail for their customer service? I need to inquire about repairing my Kai hobo which is losing it's color. Thank you so much.

    13 Crosby Street, Suite 500
    New York, NY 10013
    Tel 212 343 2782
    Fax 212 343 2739
  6. Lucybelle,

    I ordered it through Amazon (same as - same inventory and all). Return shipping was free, so I did not lose out. They were apologetic and offered to send a replacement, but I didn't want that.
  7. same here. 5 botkier bags, zero problems. ;) love them all. 4 sasha duffels in various colours and a clutch in light purple. that being said, i don't carry them often because i don't have a black one. also, i avoid bags with studs and tassels and things like that that! i abused the hell out of my hot pink sasha last summer and it still looks pretty darn good! :smile:
  8. Thank you so much!

  9. hm, just got a reply back from botkier. they just explained that metallic colors naturally lose color over time and they referred me to an outside leather specialist if i want to restore the color. a bit disappointing as i wasn't blaming them for the color loss, just wanted to get it repaired through botkier since my bag is an unusual color and i thought it would be hard to match the color somewhere else.
  10. do you think the aubergine pearl will lose it's color over time too? i've been wanting this color but not if it's going to fade. i'd be heartbroken.
  11. I doubt it...I love Botkier and the staff at their sample sales seem to be really friendly and helpful. Nothing is 100% of the time...sad but true!
  12. Crazybagmo,
    I believe cloud5 has an aubergine pearl. If I am remembering right she said it had brown undertones but in the light the color was plum with a slight sheen to it. It too is a color that I have longed for, as the uma is probably my fav botkier. One recently popped up on the bay, and not a bad price either! I am really on the fence with them right now. There are only a few left that I would like to have. At one point or another I have had nearly everything, and am down to about 10 right now from twenty or so at any given time. I am starting to thin the herd out! I guess we will see where I land, lol!
  13. My Kai hobo is the grey pearl color, and I've used it for about a year now. It has definitely started to lose color by the pleats and the bottom. Botkier said this should be expected with metallics so I'd consider that before you purchase (I'm assuming aubergine pearl is a metallic, sorry if I'm wrong about that).

  14. wow...seriously?

    has anyone ever had this issue with metallic bags made by other brands?
  15. Yes, metallics tend to fade.