Botkier pronunciation

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  1. Hi everyone! I'm a long time PF reader and new member. I am longing for a Botkier bag, which I discovered through the PF. I have a dumb question, though. How do you pronounce Botkier? Is it Bot-keer, Bot-ki-er, Bo-keer? What? And is the accent on the first or last syllable? I know you must all be laughing now! Just don't want to sound like an idiot when I talk about my soon-to-be new baby! Thanks!
  2. I had the same Q myself until I came across this video with Monica Botkier on You Tube. And who is a better source than Monica herself:yes:???
  3. Thank you! i never would have thought to check You Tube! And I'm glad I wasn't alone with my question.
  4. You are welcome:rolleyes:! I stumbled upon this video by accident. ;)
  5. I met Monica yesterday and she pronounced it two ways, she said either or.

    Bot-key-er or Bot-key-ee (with an accent on the ee).
  6. Thanks Megs! How was it? Did you guys have fun?
  7. Thank you, Megs! I guess we can't go too wrong if even Monica herself pronounces it a couple of different ways. Hope you guys had a wonderful time!
  8. Cool:supacool: I've actually been saying it right..Thanks Megs. Now if only I could ban myself long enough to save up for
  9. "Bot-key-er"
    Yeah that is the way it looks like!