Botkier owners:

  1. So, like a lot of you ladies know I was lusting after a Botkier Sophie for a long time. I finally got her (and was SO EXCITED) but did realize that she scratches SO easily. I have not taken her out of the house yet nor have I treated her with Appleguarde or anything of the like. I am scared that I'll use her a few times and she'll just look REALLY beat up. Does anyone have any advice?

    The color is bordeaux, do you think that makes a difference?

    Have you noticed your bag doesn't look as new after just a few uses?

    Did you treat the bag with conditioner and rain repellant?

    Did you regret your purchase?

    Thanks for anything you can give me on this one, girls. I don't want to bring back the perfect bag but if it's that fragile, I don't want to risk it.
  2. See my answers in other thread, definitely spot check the Applegarde, the Botkier color may run. I don't regret my purchases of any of my Botkiers at all. I still use one or two of them I bought maybe 3-4 years ago when they first came out. They hold up very well and you can take them everywhere.

    I LOVE the Sophie but I don't have one (yet!) and I have heard that they tend to show scratches a bit more. Since I don't have one I can't say. But, I have some of the lambskin and goatskin Botkiers and they have held up just fine. They don't look like new after a few uses but they still look great and they are so soft that I don't care. I like softness in a bag. :smile: I have one of these from a year and a half ago that still looks great. I use the Appleguard cleaner and repellant, except I have two Botkiers that this didn't work on.

    Congrats on your beautiful new bag! I was hoping to snag one at the online botkier sale but now it looks like that may not be happening so good for you for snagging one! Where did you buy?
  3. ^^^ I really hope the online Botkier sale does happen and they are just keeping it low key so they can skim the people who will pay full price now!

    I got the bag at Nordstrom from a charge-send a tpFer posted. You might want to call around and see if anyone still has any. They were on sale, also which was a plus.
  4. It's a beautiful bag and I hope you decide to keep it!

    The has the Sophie Small Satchel in Ink on sale for 30% off if anyone is interested.
  5. I have a Sophie in Ink and I guess it does scratch somewhat easily but I am not super protective of my bags at all and after using it 5 times or so, it still looks perfect. I did treat it with Lovin My Bags Pro Treatment which isn't as heavy duty as other products but does offer some protection from oil and water (according to the website). I've had great results so far! I don't like in a rainy/snowy climate, so I don't need to worry too much about it getting wet. Definitely do a test with any product that you plan to put on the bag (or on any bag for that matter). My cherry Bianca did have some color transfer with the Pro Treatment (the sponge I was using to apply it got kind of pink), but it didn't make the color of the bag look different and it doesn't tranfer on to clothes or anything.
    I definitely do NOT regret getting the Sophie! I hope you end up loving yours! And I always think that some minor wear on bags adds character and makes them look well-loved and unique! :flowers:
  6. I am not as familiar with the Sophie, but I pretreat all of my leather bags (including Botkier) with Wilson's.
  7. I don't have the Sophie, but I have the bianca. I found that my bianca does get scratch very easily, but the leather seems survive the rain/snow very well. I had my bag wet under the rain couple of time, but it doesn't leave any spot or any mark once it dried.
  8. My local Nordies at the Providence Place Mall in Providence, Rhode Island still has at least 2 each of the Botkier Sophie's in Ink & Bordeaux.

    I was just there a few hours ago, and saw them on the sale table.

    So if any is interested!
  9. Same thing here in Columbus, Ohio. Quick, someone buy them because I'm tempted to do it myself.
  10. I just discovered Botkier and love the handbags. Does anyone know where the large black rose satchel is on sale?:hysteric:
  11. Anyone else with opinions? I know a lot of you have Botkiers.

  12. Suzi or TheGirlGotSoul, do either of you know if Nordstrom had the Sophie in gray? Thanks for your help!
  13. I know for SURE that mine does not. I asked, because I wanted one for myself!

  14. I am not familiar with the Sophie, but I find my Bianca to be very low maintenance, and it still looks great after 6 months use... I have treated it with Collonil Waterstop spray and it is fine in the rain, and the leather is the same now as when new :tup:
    A friend of mine has a Sophie and in her opinion her Sophie is getting better with every scratch and beating... Maybe you will be somewhat desensitized after the first couple of scratches?
    There is a Pony Sophie on eBay at the moment and it looks great even though it is preloved!
  15. Thanks for letting me know! Did you by chance ask the SA to call around for you to find one?