Botkier owners or lovers please help!

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  1. I just bought a Botkier Emily at my local resale shop. I wasn't wowed by Botkier until I touched this bag and it was the most amazing, softest leather I have ever felt. It was very smooth and delicate, so I thought lamb or goat skin. I immediately snatched it up bc I loved it so, but I want to make sure it's authentic. Since there's no Botkier thread (that I could find!) I thought I'd ask here.
    It has riri zippers, the inside metal botkier plate on leather, botkier engraved on the clips, black botkier logo interior, but what worries me is that the inner zipper doesn't look like the current ones. It is just a normal black zipper (no leather pull) and there is no leather backing around the zipper area. This bag seems pretty well worn, so it might be a earlier issue of the bag. I can't find any info on when they released the emily...please help!!!! I need to return it asap if there are doubts. Thanks so much in advance. Any help would be sooooooo appreciated!
  2. can you please post a picture?
  3. I just Googled "bottkier emily" and saw several pictures to which you can compare your bag. Neiman Marcus has one with a zoom feature. HTH.
  4. very nice!
  5. Thank you girls so much for your help. I'm going to try to attach pics now. The bag looks identical on the exterior to the gold one on ebay, but the interior is different- it has the botkier lining in black, but the zipperpull is not leather and there is no leather lining around the zipper area. I don't know if this is an older model, because I can only find new ones and botkier only archives to 05 (did they make the emily before then??) Does anyone know if they knocked off this model? It seems so high quality in terms of the leather...stitching...zippers (except for the interior one) that I'm tempted to say it's an older model, but I don't know anything about older Botkiers to know if they even existed in this model!
    Thanks again!

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  6. I would recommend forwarding the pictures to Botkier as they would be your best bet. I thought that I had purchased a fake bag because the lining of my bag was different from my friends and contacted Bokier via email immediately. Literally, the next day I got a response from Monica Botkier herself and she totally broke it down for me (long story short, my bags were real and I was just being silly). We here can all speculate but with things of this nature, it really is best to just go staright to the source. Best of luck! (FYI: the girls over at Botkier, online and in person, are super sweet).
  7. Wow! Thanks so much! I never would have thought to do that because in my mind I imagined them to be like Chanel or Balenciaga and have them laugh and say you should buy in a boutique or you'll never know!!..or that they would be swamped and never get back to my petty email. That's so wonderful though, I will definitely do that tomorrow. I really appreciate the advise!