Botkier or Rebecca Minkoff??

  1. Just wondering what those of you who have either or both of these names like about that particular brand. I'm really liking the RM Matinee, but I've never bought one or seen on IRL before. My first Botkier's on its way. Also wondering if you guys love the leather on one more than the other. TIA
  2. Botkier, they look much more iconic and noticeable.
  3. i think the RM, i love the matinee...but i have to say that i am like you and have never seen it in real life. i bought a RM morning after without seeing it in real life though and it is my favorite bag that i own! :smile:
  4. I can't tell you anything about RM, but I've owned some Botkier bags. The leather is really wonderful. With the newer models, I really like all of the compartments within the bag. I don't care for some of the embellishments on the outside of some of the Botkiers I've seen, but the details on the inside are really helpful!
  5. RM for me (though I own neither)
  6. Well, I just ordered the Matinee! I'm so excited! I got such a great deal, I couldn't pass it up. Many sites I checked, it's not even available until later this month. And it's mostly anywhere from $625 to $655. I got it for $404!! Hopefully, it's worth it.
  7. I personally love the botkier bianca bags! The leather is to die for! Good luck!
  8. OOoo:huh:o:huh:ooo

    *is excited for you*

    I've felt both leathers and they seem comparable in terms of quality, but the RM just seems more classic in terms of shape.

    Where did you order from?

  9. I got it from WinkNYC. Their RM Matinee is less expensive to begin with, plus they have a discount code until Sept.3rd! Use "DCWINK" for 30%!!!
  10. Rebecca Minkoff for me!
  11. I have a couple of both and am so torn! I :heart: them both! I like the leather of my Botkiers more, particularly on the Bianca. It's much more supple and glossy. I like that RM bags are more structured. Also, the leather of RM doesn't need to be babied.
  12. I posted this on another RM thread but I wanted to thank Purseinsanity for posting the WinkNYC code! I ordered the mini morning after in grey/black. Thanks! :yahoo:
  13. botkier!
  14. i just saw the rm in bloomie's in emerald green and it was gorgeous!!! i've owned the bianca too...i think the leather of the bianca is more supple now than the one i bought...i got it when it first came out and i had a lot of problems with the leather pulls...i think you'd make more of a statement with the rm..
    : )
  15. Let me thank purseinsanity too for the code!
    I just ordered the same bag as JudieH:yahoo:
    I have been looking for nice grey bag and I finally found one! Can't wait to get it!