BOTKIER ON SALE AT ELUX $279 from $695!!!

  1. wow!!! what a deal!!
  2. That was fast, it's gone...
  3. All the ladies on here are crazy fast! LOL Who bought it??? :smile:
  4. i thought i was ocd and the queen of finding deals on nm, elux, etc...but asha you are def the queen of it! i've managed to order i think about 7 bags since beginning of Neimans sale, partially in thanks to you...and was planning on returning some...but with the bar a week and a half away i don't think i have time....

    love the justification i have:smile: thanks again asha!
  5. Just curious... which bag was it?
  6. I didn't know the name, well they didn't say what it was. It was ivory w/ studs all over...wasn't any of the popular ones I know.
  7. from ashakes description, i'm assuming that it's the stirrup hobo
  8. Hmmm, yeah that sounds familiar. It was definitely a hobo style. Sorry, I'm not extremely familiar with Botkier.
  9. Hahahaha. You're welcome. Make sure you get any price adjustments on items you bought from NM within the last 10 days. I just did it about an hour ago and was credited $500! On a Gucci bag and a Prada bag alone, I got over $225 back!