Botkier on NM Sale

  1. Oh man wish I wasn't on a purse ban LOLOL
  2. Does the Bianca ever go on sale? I've seen all the other styles on sale but never the Bianca.
  3. Thanks for posting!!
  4. Thanks! I saw the sale too! They are so cute.
  5. i know.....i am praying for that one to go on sale!!! :sad:
  6. Karizma Boutique had the Bianca when they had their 50% off everything sale. I ordered it, but when I received my package the Bianca wasn't in there so I called and they had sold out. I ordered the Bella clutch as well, but it had a flaw in the piping, so I didn't get a Botkier :sad:
  7. ah, i'm waiting for Bianca to go on sale too. too bad hurleychic12..hate it when that happens!
  8. darn it, the Bombay Hobo sold out! it would have probably gotten marked down today too... phooey!
  9. Waaah!! I had the satchel in deep purple in my shopping cart, and then went offline to put my girls to bed. When I got back to purchase it, it was GONE!! :cursing::cursing: I am soooo bummed.....purple just seems like it would be such a cool color....should I get it in cognac instead? UGH!!!!
  10. i just went to my local store (i'm in Taiwan) to check out the purple leather satchel and i think it is a real nice color. it fits well over the shoulders too, very comfortable.

    Taiwan marks the Botkier bags up so much...that one is selling at USD$716 after a 10% "special discount" god.

    so yes, i am very tempted by the NM sale as well...
  11. oops i didn't read closely enough. just realized the purple is sold out at NM too...haha

    i think nero (black) would be a pretty durable bag. congac for me looks ok only.
  12. Crosby Hobo in Sienna back up on NM/BG online
  13. what was wrong with your bella? i got one over the holiday too and would be curious to know. i think theres a slight design flaw with bella...i still love it and didnt bother me enough since i got it on sale.