Botkier on GILT tomorrow! (Fri 6/11)

  1. The color is just gorgeous so I'm going to try and make it work. Otherwise, I may have to re-home...
  2. Oh no!!! :sad: Even pics I took using my iphone exceed the file size limit...!?!?! Sorry, I will have to post pics later. I will need to learn/find a way to make my files smaller....
  3. ^ Nice pic Piachu! I am a biased opinion but that is a great bag!
  4. Thanks so much for sharing, I have not tried this yet, I was a little intimidated by it honestly, I will have to give it a try now. How are you liking it piachu? I bought the same one, I adore that color.
  5. how does the leather feel piachu? is it thick and heavy or thin and lightweight?
  6. Lucybelle, We're purse twinsies!! :smile: I haven't tried it out yet. The color is tdf but I don't really know how I would carry it :confused1:because the handles seem to be a bit short and the straps are not long enough for my long torso (I'm 5'8) Let me know what you think when you've given yours a try!
  7. Hi ReecesPieces, the leather feels lightweight and not heavy. However, compared to my Venice satchel, this leather doesn't seem as lightweight to me. But it seems like it's not going to be heavy even after I put my stuff in it (sunnies, gum, wallet, phones, peanut m&ms :p and about 8 or 10 lipstick/lipgloss :biggrin: ) hope that helps!
  8. I know what you mean piachu, I am your height. The handles are a bit short for my liking, and the shoulder strap is a bit long, but not crossbody. The girls here did say the handles will give some as you use it. I had given thought to the large howard, but really wanted that cement color! So, right now I am in the venice. I was scared of that at first too, cause that strap drop did not seem as long as it looked in the pictures. Once you have your stuff in it, it is perfect!
  9. I have the Howard in cement also. The leather is very soft and lightweight, but it doesn't feel thin. When it's loaded, it's not overly heavy. I've been carrying it for a week and the straps have definitely loosened up a bit. I've been loading it up with extra weight (sunglass cases, books, etc.) and hanging it on the doorknob at night to speed up the process. The only thing I don't like about this bag is the shoulder strap! It won't stay on my shoulder no matter what I try!! I've resigned myself to carrying it either in my hand or on my arm. It's staying with me because the color is a perfect neutral!