Botkier on GILT tomorrow! (Fri 6/11)

  1. [QUOTEThanks Cloud5! Actually, I ended up buying both the Howard St. and the Venice after seeing pics on your other thread. :smile:

    I'm so glad I found Botkier. Because I think not every other girl is wearing a Botkier, I keep getting asked what brand my Logan is. The only place where I found other people wearing Botkier was when we were in NYC. The girl sitting next to me on the plane had a Botkier too! And of course we complemented each other on our good choice in purses!! Yipeee!! I know I haven't even received my new purchase yet but I'm already on a hunt for an Uma satchel...[/QUOTE]

    Yay! I hope you enjoy them and good luck on the one of my favorites! I wish I got the Logan in burgundy...I didn't think the style was for me but it is starting to grow on me! :graucho:

  2. Cant' wait to see what everyone got!:biggrin:
  3. I just got a ship notice too. Super exciting!
  4. It's sooo exciting!! Hopefully I'll get my notification today. can't wait for the reveals! ;)
  5. I got the howard satchel in cement and the venice hobo in hot pink. I don't think I've ever been so anxiously waiting for the ups man, ha ha!
  6. The Rue La La sales appears to have everything about $20 cheaper than Gilt did and it isn't final sale like Gilt was.
  7. now i am considering buying the pink howard on rue la la... $199 is an irresistable deal. So sad I missed the venice crossbody UGH
  8. Items shipped!! Looking forward to the UPS man myself :smile: Cloud5, the Logan is awesome. You should give it a try!! Btw, I just signed up for Ruelala and my wallet (and hubby) are happy. No Uma satchel there for me.
  9. wow the howard is even CHEAPER on ruelala!!!
  10. I bought the black Howard St. on RueLaLa. For that price, I just couldn't pass it up!
  11. hey guys! I ALREADY RECIEVED MY BAG!! it shipped over night! i looked at the UPS site and i was soo suprised it was being delivered today! its awesome that it was shipped from NY and im in NJ! im going to do a reveal soon! my pics are crappy bc by the time i got home the sun was almost down and i have HORRIBLE lighting.
  12. i got a black venice satchel from the gilt sale :biggrin: i hesitated buying it since i had bought an olivia harris knot satchel last month in black (has horizontal zippers on the front like the venice) but i loved my first botkier so much, i decided to go for it!

    i was tempted to buy the large howard in espresso from ruelala even though i already have a black one, haha @_@ but i just had bought the venice earlier this week and had to do some father's day shopping!

    still, the refund policy compared to gilt's is a bonus, but i'm just worried about the "original packaging intact" part. like the paper/tape and tissue around the bags have to be unaltered?? (sorry if it's a dumb question!) i've bought a hale bob scarf that i returned for a refund, and it didn't have the disclaimer (came in a canister-type packaging)...
  13. ^ I love the distressed leather on the venice and the leather is so soft. I was surprised to see that it was so light in weight with all the hardware on it. I hope you love it! :smile:

    I don't know what the policy is but I hope it doesn't mean the tissues and paper! I would think it meant the box it came in and if it came in a plastic bag...but I don't know for sure.
  14. ^^ yay! i have my venice with me at work right now!! it was light as a feather compared to my thicker, pebbly large howard! (the latter isn't heavy at all..unless i fill it with a ton of stuff! ) and the leather felt thinner but it looks totally promising in terms of holding up or being durable! plus, the crinkle surface is a bonus since any possible scratches won't really be too noticeable and the leather was SUPER smooshy which i did not expect!
  15. oh yeah! my venice came from gilt and it had all the "factory" (?) packaging, i think? with the tissue paper around the metal parts of the handles, and the handles were wrapped together in plastic and taped on top so that you would have to cut through the paper-tape to separate the handles....and there was tissue paper perfectly molded around the entire bag (taped) and then in a plastic bag with the sticker on it mentioning "venice" or something? so that's why i was wondering about the disclaimer on the ruelala site :/