Botkier on GILT tomorrow! (Fri 6/11)

  1. aww, you should've gotten it during the special endless had recently.. 30% off, plus 30% bing cash back. i ordered a black logan satchel, still deciding whether or not to keep it even though it ends up being less than it's listed at gilt.
  2. Wow, what an awesome collection you're cultivating! My Howard St. still looks pretty good (I took it on vacation) though at first I thought the leather was super fragile.
  3. I tried to actually but in my cart it wouldn't show the endless 30% off, only the bing 30%. I didn't know how to get it to work right to get both.
  4. I'm still debating between the Howard St. Satchel in Black or Fuschia. I already have a pink bag, and could always use another black bag. Decisions...
  5. I have those exact 2 bags! Enjoy them Piachu! I have not used any cleaner on the cement or pre-treat them with product. The leather looks a bit darker to me, but it doesn't look dirty.

    I think the pink is very pretty! I think I need to get out of "safe" colors and do something more fun! Congratulations monkeytail!

    I actually saw the fuschia today in real life! Something very rare for me but I thought it was beautiful! But you can never go wrong with black. (I know I am not helping.) Good luck deciding on a color lisap.

  6. Ah, I had the same problem with the Treesje Mini Marley. I guess they really meant it when they said "select" bags on sale with the 30% off. I really like the variety in color choices Endless had for that style too.
  7. I could not make up my mind so I bought two, both I had been wanting for a while. The venice hobo in hot pink and the howard satchel in cement. Could not beat those gilt prices! I cannot wait til they get here!!!
  9. That uma satchel is my favorite! I got it the first time they did it, before they updated it and brought it back. The color is ash. it is by far my favorite. I have the uma tote also, it is a bit huge for me, but the satchel is perfect! Happy Hunting!
  10. Congrats on your gilt buys, Piachu! I own 2 uma satchels, in ash and emerald, and I can definitely say that they are my favorite bags. The leather is very soft and smooshy. Good luck in your hunt!
  11. i cant wait to see everyone post pics of their bags! has anyones bags been shipped yet? i keep checking gilt to see if the status has been changed to shipped..
  12. I've been checking and checking as well. I hope someone gets a shipping notification soon! *fingers crossed*
  13. I got a notification that my order has shipped, I can't wait!!!!
  14. i just got my email too! what did you purchase lucybelle?
  15. also got a shipped notice today!