Botkier on GILT tomorrow! (Fri 6/11)

  1. Thanks ReecesPieces! I don't baby my bags, but I'm going to try and be good with this one! I don't regret the color choice at all! I bought a ruby mini mattie at the RM SS. I was looking for something in a gray color and think that the cement will work. I just couldn't pass it up!!
  2. i got a ruby mini mattie TOO!! i LOVE it! but i think im giving it to my mother because shes been wanting a red bag. when she saw my black mattie she fell inlove.. i could always steal it back when shes not looking :angel:
  3. OMG ladies i just realized.. i could get a howard st clutch in cement! i would not mind if a smaller bag like that got dirty a lil bit! hmm... should i do it? oh geez i should really be banned.. someone help me!
  4. I'm no help because I would definitely do it! The cement is such a pretty color!
  5. ReecesPieces, thanks soo much for the alert! I couldn't make it to the sample sale and have been longing for the Venice hobo in hot pink- such a great price on gilt! I can't wait to get it. I think you should go for the Howard St. clutch in cement- I think the clutch is cuter than the satchel.:biggrin:
  6. Cement is really a beautiful color! I have it and so far with my dark denim and 3 small kids it still looks good!:smile:

    Those are really great prices! I would have loved to try some of those shoes but buy the time I got a chance to check the site most of them were already sold out. Congratulations to everyone who got something!
  7. really cloud5? i sorta wish i had gotten cement now! but either way i am happy to be getting my howard st satchel! such a beautiful shape and style!
  8. ah, don't feel bad. i thought i'd gotten my howard st. for a good deal from asteralice ($297) and it's less here too.
  9. thats not too bad! still a good deal in my opinion!
  10. Congratulations! ReecesPieces! You are going to love it! I was going to get black but I have several black bags already.
    I agree RP that either is color is beautiful. I also really love the shape of the bag. I wear a lot of dark denim leggings and so far no color transfer (knock on wood). I try not to worry about it and just enjoy the bag. I didn't treat the bag with anything. As I use the bag I think the overall color has gotten darker though.

    Enjoy! :smile:
  11. trying not to feel bad but i haven't even received my bag yet, wish botkier could price adjust for me.

    i want the large howard st. someday.
  12. I'm new to the Botkier world but after loving everything about my Logan in burgundy, I gave in and bought two more Botkiers at the Gilt sale--Howard St. in cement and the Venice satchel in black (so rocker look but sounds so functional with the zippers up front!). Just in case, what type of leather cleaner have you used to keep the cement leather clean? Any input would be much appreciated. Thanks! And can't wait for the UPS man to arrive!!
  13. I got the Venice Hobo in hot pink from the Gilt sale. It will be my first Botkier. I'm starting to question if the hot pink will be too bright for me, but it seems like a fun summer bag.
  14. It's not a loud bright look and the gunmetal hw quiets it as well, don't worry, it's a great looking bag!
  15. Congrats everyone on your scores! Enjoy your purchases! :yahoo:

    I'm envious because Gilt only accepts U.S. billing addresses, so international fans are shut out yet again. I guess this is good for my ban, however.