Botkier on GILT tomorrow! (Fri 6/11)

  1. Since I don't own either bags :sweatdrop:, here are the measurements for both from the brands' website:

    RM MAM: 12.5" x 6" x 8" with a 6" drop
    Botkier Howard St. Satchel: 14" x 6.75" x 7.5" with a 5.5" drop and a removable strap drop of 29.5" (GILT says 16" ... so I'm not sure which is right)

    What I'm not sure about, is whether Botkier's measurements include the sag.
  2. I have the small Howard street and the bottom is not structured. So it all slouches nicely- shouldn't look any bigger than the MAM.
  3. Omg someone help me decide!!! Cement or black howard st satchel!?!?!?!!

  4. THANKS SO MUCH j0ann!
  5. Black crinkled leather looks awesome- but I am biased towards distressed leather....
  6. I personally love the cement. It's my favorite of all the other colors for the satchel. I think it looks the best with the silver h/w.

    The only thing you might have to worry about is color transfer onto your bag.
  7. im very scared about color transfer!!! i plan on wearing it into fall! i know my jeans will rub on it when i wear it w/ the shoulder strap! but i def love the color.. im so torn right now!
  8. I don't own either, but checked it out at the SS. Since it's a lighter color, I think there would be a color transfer/keeping it clean issue.

    I would have bought it in cement, but I didn't want to have to worry about it at all.
  9. ok you've just re-affirmed my tohughts about it! i LOVE it too, but im afraid its gonna sit in its dust bag all the time for fear of being ruined! in gonna get the black so i can use it to death. my sidney hobo never sees daylight bc shes such delicate lambskin.. and i get sad shes always in her dust bag! im def gonna get black.. its just hard cuz im the ANTI - Black handbag girl!
  10. I've been following your discussion and hope you are wrong about color tranfer. I had the cement in my cart, closed the page because I wasn't sure, then had another change of heart. When I logged back in again, the cement was still available and I had to do it. I LOVE the color and hope I don't have any problems!!
  11. I always spray my light bags and if denim transfer happens I just clean it off - it comes off beautifully and looks new again.... Spray those bags!
  12. awww stacyg, dont regret your decision! its so beautiful! im just not very gentle with my handbags! im sure if u treat it well and use proper care you will be fine!

    honestly i just dont have time and patience to care for my bags (sounds horrible i know) but @ the university i run around campus like a maniac and toss my bag everywhere. i will prob use it as a pillow when i study at the library or it will sit in the grass w/ me eating lunch out in the quads! i just cant risk spilling a lil of my smoothie on it. i can forsee things like that happening.. its like when u wear white and your super conscious and u end up getting tomato sauce all over u!
  13. ReesesPieces -- you can also do what pigalle74 suggested if you absolutely love the cement.

    the black isn't a bad choice though since it looks like you can rough handle it more compared to the cement.
  14. j0ann - i do love it but its ok im happy w/ black! i really need more black bags anyway! i just bought three diff red bags at the RM NYC SS! and im waiting to buy a gray MAC so its ok! i also have a eggshell MAC and that thing looks like it went through WWII, like honestly i cant do that to another delicate lightly colored bag unless it was maybe another smaller clutch. if it was a satchel id be devasted!
  15. LOL! my friend owns an eggshell mac and it's constantly getting dirty, but is such a nice color.

    i, too, bought red at the RM SS ... only one though .. RUBY 3-zip mac :smile:

    I don't really have light colored bags at all ... i just don't want to deal with maintenance :sweatdrop: