Botkier on Gilt! Anyone excited? Anyone buying anything?

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  1. Is anyone planning to get anything or planning to check in on the Botkier sale on Gilt today? I'm not buying anything, but I'm planning to check it out to 'window shop' and I'm really excited about it :smile:
  2. 15 more minutes. I'm planning on checking it out but dont think I will buy.
  3. There's a lot there!

    There are triggers in various colors (no black) as well as the clydes (again no black). There are tons of ziggys, some margots, some morgans, sashas in various sizes and colors, as well as things like gladiators, some stevies, a bianca, some shoes too.
  4. I just purchased the trigger clyde in white. Does anyone know if it comes with the shoulder strap? I called their sales department and they were unsure and finally said it doesn't but the picture shows the bag with it.

    If it doesn't come with it, I'll be very disappointed. Which brings me to my next question, can I buy the strap separately?
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    If anyone needs a Gilt link to join, here is mine...

    Gilt Groupe invite from tPF HERE

    There were some pretty Triggers left and Clydes, Bianacas were sold out. And shoes too!
  6. minimamak, that is NOT allowed! please take down your invite link or the mods will remove it..
  7. If it's a clyde, it should come with a strap. Most of the pics. I've seen online has the shoulder strap to it. I've seen it IRL in Nordstrom and it also had a strap.
  8. Thanks! It is the clyde and hopefully it will come with the strap! I was a bit unsure because the description on the gilt site didn't mention it at all and the reps on the phone said it doesn't come with the bag. They were really uncertain and seemed like they were on their website looking it up as I was asking the question. A little weird they don't know more about the products they sell...
  9. There were alot of nice bags and it was fun to look but I didnt buy anything. Just can't afford it right now. Congradulations to all who did and please share pictures!
  10. I just checked the photos on Gilt again now, and the detachable strap is shown in their photos in all 3 colors. There's no reason that they told you it didn't come with a strap.
  11. ya i def want to check out gilt. i just recently discovered their site and am pretty amped!
  12. A pretty decent selection, but I'm being good and ignoring the black medium Sasha! ;) Nice to see that they haven't inflated the retail prices this time around, as I've heard that they have a tendency to do that. Hope some of you guys manage to get good deals!

    ellehailey, tejava's right, the Clyde should come with the shoulder strap. It's not in their text descriptions, but it's clearly pictured in their images of the bags, so you should definitely make sure that they include the strap. It does sound like their CS/sales department isn't sure about the details of the bag, but I guess it's possible since they don't specialise in any particular brand and as such may not be as familiar with the merchandise from all of these sales. Weird, but as long as they include the strap and all the stuff that the bag is supposed to come with... Keeping my fingers crossed for you! ;)
  13. Sorry if I broke rules, didn't know!
  14. Again, I'm so sorry for putting up the link. I try to keep up with all the rules, I was just trying to help if anyone needed to get to the sale. It's just confusing what you can and can't do, you can put up links to sales on websites. It won't happen again! Sorry everyone!:greengrin::greengrin::greengrin: