Botkier On Ebay???

  1. i Am Wondering If There Are Fake Botkier Bags Up On eBay...i Am Not Very Familiar With The Brand And Just Want To Know If I Should Be Aware Of Any Scams That Have Been Going On Or Discovered. Are They Too New To Be Counterfeited Yet? I Just Put Up A Clyde Tote I Recieved As A Gift Which I Know Was Purchased At Neiman's By My Mom...and I Have The Receipt. Just Want To Know What I Should Expect From Potential Sellers...any Thoughts Anyone?
  2. There have been plenty of Botkiers Faked so far. Triggers and Bianca's I have seen plenty. I tend to only buy from some of my trusted long term sellers I've used for higher priced handbags.
    I'd be prepared to answer lots of questions from potential bidders. You have the receipt so that is good.
  3. Thanks..
  4. There are some pretty good fakes for the Botkiers. The main difference is in the details and the leather quality/texture. Do a search as there was a posting that had a lot of the fake qualities to look for with Botkier copies. You will also notice a lot of bags that just "don't look right" or are missing small details in the photos (like wrong tassle color is on the bag).

    I have sold 2 Botkiers (and still have one up). I haven't had any authenticity questions but I have had a lot basic questions like shipping, dimensions, color, etc. Basically stuff that is already in the auction.

    With my two NWT auctions I had questions regarding whether the item was used before on one of them since a lot of people on eBay use it once or twice and still list the item as new.

    You may want to educate yourself a little on the details of you bag since it is in the details that you can usually tell the real ones from the good fakes. The couple of Botkier auctions I looked at bidding on couldn't give me the details I wanted to know (or wouldn't respond) and I didn't feel comfortable so I didn't bid.

    Hope that helps...
  5. They aren't faked too much. Most of the ones I've seen are "inspired by" bags that are obviously not the real deal.
  6. i picked up both of my botkiers on eBay. that's the best thing about a brand that's little known to the fashionably clueless - there aren't many knockoffs :supacool: also, re: ebay, sellers with great feedback are the key.