Botkier Nomad or Medium Bianca?

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  1. I am trying to decide between these two bags. They seem similar in size. I love the cherry color on the bianca. I have that bag but was considering the nomad instead. Which is more funcitonal? anyone have the nomad? what does the expandable front pockets mean? and does it close with a magnetic closure verus the turnlock on the bianca?

    I also want a sophie in raisin but can't find it.

    any opinions will be helpful!
  2. I have the Cherry Bianca and a Nomad. I also have a Raisin Sophie but I listed it because I have too many bags in similar colors. I love the Bianca but the Nomad rules over it by leaps and bounds in my book. The front flap is magnetic so easier to flip up than the Bianca and also the Nomad's front pockets are BIG and if you unzip the zipper that runs along it's edges it expands even bigger by about an inch. I LOVE these bags and I can't wait to get My Cleo Christmas day.




    Botkier Cleo.jpg
  3. Oh Lexie I saw your beautiful sophie raisin listed, I would have bought it but I am looking for the sophie satchel style. the tote handles don't look long enough to me. will it fit over your shoulder comfortably? I am 5'10 and not a girl with small arms and I don't like a real thick bag under my arm. How does it feel on the shoulder?

    Can the nomad be worn on the shoulder or is it more like the bianca and made for the arm?


  4. The Nomad has a little more arm room that the Bianca (medium). The Sophie about the same. If you have big arms any of these bags are not going to be super comfy. And you won't get them over a coat.
  5. the sophie raisin is such a sweet color.