Botkier Nicole Bag

  1. I got this today from ShopRupunzel. They were wonderful to deal with. I placed the order over the phone and they even searched for a discount code for me. This is a bag from the Holiday section. It's Large, very very soft leather, and is a tote or shoulder bag. The strap is leather and metel intwined. Very very neat bag. This is the Jean color.



  2. Funny, I just posted on the other thread where you mention this bag:smile: I love it. I really like the long strap. Is it just woven leather?

    Congrats! Enjoy!
  3. It's woven leather with metel intwined in it. It makes a very comfortable shoulder bag.
  4. Oooh, what a neat strap! Congrats Lexie!
  5. Your bag is the strap!
  6. Oh wow that bag is fantastic!! I LOVE the color...great winter color. Congrats!!