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  1. I really love the Nicole tote or the James hobo. I am trying to find where to buy either of them. Any good sales? Thanks for any direction.
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    There were some good deals on the James Hobo awhile back, but nothing great right now, unfortunately. The Black is still at Plaza Too for $419.99 (30% off), and it's probably worth looking out for a code, as the price was down to $300+ when Plaza Too had their last code. The Silver is available at Shopbop for $416.50, but Shopbop doesn't have any codes right now. Amazon also has the Silver, at $415.90.

    Shopdressonline still has the Black and the Deep Purple, but they're not on sale right now and there are no valid codes at SDO either. (The 30% off tPF code expired on 6/9.) They might mark down their prices again soon, as they usually do have marked-down prices, so it's worth keeping an eye on their site. (Their CS can be a bit patchy, though, so I'd do a bit of research on them in the meantime!)

    As for the Nicole tote, I don't think I've seen that around. Hope the info on the James Hobo helps, though!
  3. Thanks!:smile:
  4. I'm looking for a purple James Hobo too. Do you think Botkier will ever have an online sample sale? I'm in Cali so I can't go to the ones in NYC.
  5. always has a sale section where they put some of the styles on sale for a steal. Right now I don't see the james hobo on sale, but who knows, maybe at the end of the season they will put it on. So remember to check Botkier's website frequently to find out.
  6. Botkier recently posted their Fall bags, so the Spring/Summer bags may go on sale in the next month. I recommend checking frequently. I'm doing the same for the purple James hobo!
  7. Alas, the James line has made it to the "favorites" category, along with the Venice, Trigger, Bianca etc. Looks like they're keeping it around and may be bringing it back in the future, at least! :graucho: I'm not sure if this means that it'll take awhile for them to put the older colours on sale, though... (Other Spring bags, like the Kai line, are already on sale.) The Deep Purple, at least, is still available (albeit at full price) at Amazon and SDO as well.

    Oh! I forgot about Funkylala! They have the Deep Purple slightly discounted at $515, with a current 15% off code for sale items. That's still about $438, which isn't great, but it also isn't full price!
  8. I love the Kai shoulder bag. The gray pearl is my favorite, going to keep an eye out for a deal on it.
  9. Is it too late to find a Kai shoulder bag or hobo in gray. I love this. I looked in the sale section on the botkier website, and they don't have any of the gray left.