Botkier Misha shoulder bag

  1. I haven't found any mention of this bag on the forum. I'm looking for a classic, timeless bag under $500 and am currently considering the Botkier Misha shoulder bag in burgundy.


    Has anyone seen this bag in person? Or does anyone here own one?
  2. That certainly is a classic, timeless bag. I havent seen this one but you really can't go wrong with a Botkier.
  3. Thanks for your response, tonij2000!

    One thing I worry about with this bag is the ease of getting into it with such a large flap on the front. And maybe it's a little too plain. I've ordered and returned so many bags now in my quest for the perfect one. I just don't want to have to do yet another return!
  4. I just got this at a thrift/consignment shop in gunmetal. It was $125 and in great condition. Most of the hardware was still covered besides the front frame. And it had a dust bag. I didn't need any purses but this seemed like a steal and it is my first botkier. :smile:
  5. I found one of these in the burgundy lambskin at Nordstrom Rack and the leather was TO DIE FOR. Soft, squishy and thick with lots of texture. It gives the bag a lot more dimension than you can see online.

    The strap drop was also perfect and the bag was very comfortable. I fell in love with it, TBH. The only reason I didn't buy that particular bag on the spot was because it was too beat up from being tossed around at The Rack.

    You will probably have to take it off your shoulder to open it (unless you're extremely flexible) but that gives it some added security.

    I'm not sure what you're looking for but I was very impressed with the texture and feel of this bag.

    Edit: jade - that is a great deal! Nice find. :biggrin:
  6. Gorgeous classic
  7. wow that doesn't look like a typical botkier bag at all.
  8. a real classy classic look
  9. I just got this for $169 today at The Bay. I love it! Originally, I received the Misha clutch (also in cinnamon) as a lovely gift. It's really pretty too and my gf gushed over it (as did I) but I own too many bags and I rarely use clutches. So I returned it for a necklace & a fabulous blazer.

    Then I saw this at The Bay and I had to take it to the cashier to figure out the final mark down price. Turns out, it was marked down lower than the last sticker price and final price was $169 :biggrin:

    I can use this shoulder bag irl way more than I could a clutch so I'm happy! I have to trim down my handbag collection overall so I'm going to be super selective if ever buying a NEW handbag.
    Botkier misha shoulder cinnamon.jpg
  10. Beautiful and definitely classic. That would go with just about anything.
  11. I returned this bag today (one of three) sad but I was breaking my ban...such is life. January is such a bad month for bans...the deals are just so tempting! Breaks my heart but oh well :shucks:
  12. Don't know if anyone is still needing this info... but for anyone that's still wanting this purse - if you find it, definitely get it! :biggrin:

    I have this in the burgundy and LOVE it. I'm usually carry large over sized slouchier bags, but thought I'd try something different.

    This is great, perfect size and has LOTS of pockets. I can fit a couple sets of keys, blackberry, iPad mini, medium sized wallet, sunglasses case (rayban size to tom ford cases), a small cosmetic bag, and various other knick-knacks without it being too full.

    At first I felt it was hard to get into without taking it off the shoulder, but once it softened up a bit (a few days of wearing it) I can get into it without taking it off. It's still not the easiest but manageable. And it does go with pretty much everything (I have a pretty neutral wardrobe though).

    Only thing I've noticed is the bottom corners are already a little worn and I've only carried it for a couple weeks now. But then again I'm not super gentle with my bags.
  13. I love the lines!