Botkier Logan Satchel!!

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  1. I am very excited to get my first Botkier bag!
    If any of you have the logan satchel- feel free to talk about how much you love it and feel free to post your pics! I got the chocolate color!! coming this Sat!
  2. Wow! Congratulations! The more I look on, the more I want the Logan Satchel. Don't forget to post pics on here. YEYYYY!! :yahoo:
  3. I have the logan satchel in Burgundy, and this is the bag that I have gotten the most compliments. I love all the zippers/tassels details on the bag, and the exterior pockets really come so handy! I only wish the handles are not so stiff so I can wear the bag crossbody with more comfort, other than that, I love this bag very much!
  4. I have the logan in burgundy too, it's REALLY great!!
  5. I love my Logan in Burgundy! I get compliments when carrying it! the color is TDF!
  6. I lucked out buying one on line at Saks - in burgundy. I will receive it on Monday!!! I can't wait.....
  7. How is the weight compared to the Howard St Satchel?
  8. The Logan Satchel was my very first purchase from Botkier and I absolutely LOVE IT! I've been using it daily and I have it in the Navy. The leather is so buttery soft it's AMAZING! I love the quality of the bag and how different it looks. It really sets it apart from the bags I see most people carry! You won't be disappointed! =)
  9. Ooooooh!!! I would love to see that in person.... but after the Olympics. LOL :yahoo:
  10. I have a burgundy that I love!
    However, the moss is going back.
    There is no attraction - the color is darker than it appears on Botkier website which is what my pre order was based on
  11. Can someone post some mod pics? Thx!!
  12. Here are some photos I took of my Logan Satchel!

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  13. ^Gorgeous!!!!
  14. Thanks! It's beautiful.
  15. Love it!