Botkier, Lockheart and Bulga on sale -- good prices

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  1. I was looking around for a Lockheart bag and purchased the Keira Rhapsody at what I think is a very good price from They also have some nice Bulgas for under $300 and Botkier medium Biancas for under $300, too.
  2. great deals on the Bianca bags, thanks so much!
  3. Does anyone have any coupon codes for the site?
  5. hmm i'm not sure if you missed it or if it was added after you checked, but there's a black bianca in medium available!!! for 289 get ittt!
  6. This is great! I just bought a Be Weave It Or Not Keira or I would jump on this.
    I am looking for large black croc Rebecca on sale...
  7. HOW DID I NOT SEE IT!??? I snagged it. Thanks for making me look again! I can't imagine the Gilt prices will be much better than this and black is exaccctly what I want.

    Thanks, Rondafaye for posting, also. Did you ever get your Bulga Roxanne?
  8. Wow! Those lockheart prices are great. If someone wants to snag one at a good price, there's your chance!
  9. Great prices! Thanks for the post!
  10. yay!!!!!!!

    I got the botkier bianca in black as well...finally found it and at good price! :yahoo:
  11. Congrats to all who scored beautiful bags at fantastic prices!
  12. i like the lockheart kate.. thanks for posting!
  13. i got a botkier bianca too! thanks for the post!!
  14. This is my first time ordering from this this site good?
    Too late, I ordered already but just wondering if anyone have purchase bags there?
  15. The brown Botkier is back! Hurry!!!