Botkier Lita Lovers

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  1. I see a lot of discussion around the different styles of Botkiers but have never seen much discussion about the Lita. Are there any Lita lovers out there would love to hear thoughts on the Lita. :yes:
  2. I do!!! :heart: Actually I'm pretty new to Botkier, fell in love with the Lita Clutch as soon as I saw it at NM! Ordered it on with the 20% promo code. Hope it comes in Brand new condition - I read another thread on this subforum about girls receiving subpar purses from the sale - scares me! :sweatdrop:
  3. Please update us when you get the clutch. I hope you won't experience what some of us did.
  4. I actually like this style a lot as well. If I hadn't gotten the Sasha I would've gone for either a Lita hobo or the Vixen hobo... please post pics when you do get it :smile:
  5. I ordered a distressed platinum Lita hobo during the 20% off sale last week. Am happy to report that it arrived in perfect condition, appropriately wrapped, and with the dust bag included. Whew.
  6. I bought a black Lita satchel off *bay and am waiting for it to arrive. Will post pictures when it does!
  7. Purchased a fushia Lita I can't wait for it to come!
    I've been eyeing the vixen hobo as well :X
  8. I really like the Lita. I would love one in the glazed taupe. That color is so pretty irl.
  9. I saw the black Lita satchel at Nordies and love the look and feel of it. But for me, I think it would be too hard to get in an out of. And I really like outside pockets. Lookswise, it's my favorite in this price range right now.
  10. has anybody thought about the marine patent? i've been eyeing it at funkylala - they just had a sale too, but i didn't jump on it. i love it and i don't have much patent at all in my collection, i just wonder if i'll really use it or admire it.


    i love the little signature on the hardware!
  11. I too love the Lita. I'm aiming more towards the Stevie satchel though because it's more practical for all the junk I lug around...
  12. Love this in blue patent! I have the black calf leather (I'm not very adventurous :shame:smile: - but the blue is so bold and definitely makes a statement! I love the hardware on it also. That's actually what attracted me to thie Lita clutch in the first place! Also the size of this clutch is great - not too small - I got alotta stuff to carry around! :P
  13. Here's my medium Lita satchel in black:
  14. ^^ very nice! I like!
  15. love the blue clutch

    I just ordered the stevie in yellow

    And the black is gorgeous