Botkier Links Popping Up On Nm Site!!!

  1. Wow, awesome price on the Betty! Too bad I'm not crazy about the color.
  2. OMG -
    Thanks so much for the link....I just got the Emily in vachetta for $138.00......maybe for my mother-in-law?
  3. No problem. I am off for a few days so I stalk NM like it's my job. LMAO The only problem is I keep on spending money and I don't get paid for it!

    That was an AMAZING STEAL! I'm so glad another TPFer got it. :smile: That's such a sweet gift for your MIL; I hope she appreciates what a great DIL she has. :smile:
  4. Thanks for the nice words....I adore my MIL - she's coming over next week to spend her "vacation in place" with me doing girl stuff and I think she'll like the bag....hopefully, it will get here on time! Enjoy stalking NM!
  5. Thanks for the link. Got the Emily in vachetta; for $138.00, figured I can't go wrong! Thanks again!
  6. Wow, there were two?! That's awesome! So glad another TPFer got the bag too. :yes: It looks like it will fit a lot.

    And, you're welcome. :tup:
  7. ashakes and donnadonna.....
    well, I got the Emily from NM and, it's dreadful.....NOT (sorry donnadonna, had to make it sound awful - but it's actually gorgeous and much nicer than the photo).
    AND to boot, my mother in law just loves it! The leather is more yummy than the photo (which makes it look like plastic) and it's so comfortable on the shoulder and functional. From the photo, you can't see that the shoulder strap is looped and then linked at the top. Great looking bag, not too big or small and it smells yummy.
    Thanks SO much for the heads-up!;)
  8. LOL OMG you had me going! I had to read it twice and I was like OH NO she hates it! Another TPFer grabbed it yesterday too. I'm so glad your MIL loves it! :yahoo:You are a great gift giver. HEHE

    I know stock photos stink don't they?! I'm so glad you love it. I got my Bianca from ADASA and it's gorgeous as well. :smile:
  9. Grace 123, I saw a couple of Botkier Sophie that you're looking for on sale at Nordstrom Canoga Park, CA on Tuesday. The SA's name is LeeAnn, I think. It's not white, though. I think it might have been light green.

  10. do you remember how much they were?