Botkier limited-edition bags

  1. After not looking at the site in ages, I went over to and saw the limited-edition and holiday bags. I like the LE collection, but I really like the two bryant bags in the "jean" color. Very, very nice. The jean looks very soft.

    I was a bit disappointed that the St. Tropez bag from the holiday 2007 section looked a lot like the Anna Corinna city tote. Overall I like the collection, especially the Nicole tote and Nicole convertible in jean.

    I've been wearing my EW in cognac the last few weeks and I'm remembering why I like Botkier bags more than Hayden-Harnett and Kooba. Before the year comes to a close, I think I'll need to get myself a new Botkier.

    Has anyone ordered anything from the LE collection or any of the holiday bags?
  2. Oh I love the Cleo tote in Smoke...really really nice! I might just have to add that to my wishlist!

    Thanks for the info.
  3. Not a huge fan of any of the bags themselves, but I really love the Ink and Grey colors.

    They are gorg.
  4. I'm sticking with my large black Bianca tote though the LE's are nice.
  5. I mean satchel!
  6. I love the Jean color. I wanted a Bryant hobo a few months back but never got it - so glad I waited cuz I think I'd like it in the Jean. It's too bad that the Ltd Ed bags will only be available thru Botkier. Does Botkier ever offer discount codes? It would be nice to get it from somewhere that does. Either that, or the Nicole Convertible Stachel, and since that's Holiday, it looks like it could be available elsewhere.

    Does anyone know if the Nicole is a good size bag?
  7. speaking of new Botkiers, have you seen the new Zoe satchel? It's to die for! Has anyone seen it IRL? I love the champagne color, but the botkier site doesn't give any dimensions. Also wondering if the satchel also comes with a shoulder strap.
    What do you think of this new style? I'm lovin' it more than Bianca!
  8. I love the Sasha duffle (small)!
  9. I love the jean color.
  10. I didn't fall in love with any of them.
  11. I'm eyeing this bag too!! Been looking for a dk grey bag and I love my Botkier Bianca bag that I already own!!
  12. I was seriously considering the Botkier Bryant large hobo, but now I don't know if I'd prefer the Bianca satchel.

    Advice anyone??????
  13. I just bought the Bombay Hobo in Twilight and I LOVE it. People are going crazy over it everywhere I go!
  14. i am madly in love with my large sasha duffle i cant stop using it, i used to rotate bags every day now i just keeep every day wanting to use my sasha duffle its true love!!! :smile:

    I also adore my 2 biancas but this sasha duffle! wowie!

    none of the new ones scream at me as must haves, the jean color is nice tho!