Botkier, Lambertson truex, good?

  1. please have patience with me my friends i am just learning but doing great with my gucci and marc jacobs etc...
    however got a few things from year end sales and wonder if these designers are great ...don't see them on the list in forum but they look gorgeous
    just got one of each of these one botkier bronze and lamb truex tote buffalo ...
    didn't receive yet on back order...

    thanks! can you give me a quick run down of these ....also seem to like elliott lucca a lot too....

    elliott lucca
    lambertson truex

  2. Which botkier bag did you get? I love her bags, gorgeous designs and wonderful leathers. Congrats!
  3. Botkier and Lambertson Truex are gorgeous brands and if you can get them on sale, even better. Though I've heard of Elliott Lucca I'm not personally familiar. Can you post pics?
  4. I like Botkier, but I've found the leather varies depending on the color and style. I sent two Botkiers back before finding the right one. All are well made though.

    Smooth buffalo leather satchel with double top handles. Exterior pockets. Top zip closure. Inside zip pockets. Suede lining. Protective metal feet.
    [​IMG]50% OFF This Item
    Lambertson Truex Benton Leather Satchel
    Orig. $1,195.00
    Now $717.00

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  6. ok i will start with BOTKIER here is the one i ordered from bloomingdales

    Botkier Black Rose Large Satchel

    Italian lambskin leather frame satchel with pushlock. Twisted leather and metal double shoulder straps. Ruched front exterior pockets. Detachable zip flower pouch. Inside zip and additional pockets
    • Catalog Item Number: 70390
    • Bronze (27)
    • 13" W x 12" H x 8" D
    • 10" drop from shoulder
    • Imported
    • Please note, not all colors may be available
    ORIG $695.00
    NOW $ 486.00
    AND 50% OFF SO PRICE IS 243!!!!!

    this is bronze leather
  7. [​IMG]gorgeously embossed woven pattern in delicious chocolate-colored leather, this Elliott Lucca tote is embellished with bold buckles on the front pockets, goldtone hardware, a logo medallion and a leather cord that gathers the top. Dimensions: 14"L x 3"W x 12"H; 5" drop handle.

    ELLIOTT LUCCA estella bag medium
    gorgeous i love it
  8. Botkier is one of my favorite brands. I have never owned the other ones, but I would love to get that great deal on the LT Satchel:tup:. Congrats.
  9. oh THANK you so much! i wish it was still available so you can get one toooo!
    although bloomies tends to cancel i surely hope it won't be this one!
    and thanks for the ok on the botkier i look so forward to seeing it in person!!:yahoo:
  10. the Botkier is still on sale on 50% off check it out
  11. I am a fan of Lambertson Truex, as the bags are well-made, simple, and classic. You can't go wrong with LT.
  12. i will be waiting for the ups man every day!
  13. i am ready to scream!!!! JUST GOT THE EMAIL FROM BLOOMINGDALES that the BOTKIER order was cancelled and bag discontinued!
    meantime is back on the site as in stock and on sale!!!
    bloomingdales on line is making a lot of us go out of our minds!

    please i just hope the lambertson arrives fast!
  14. ok so far so good the LT is still on order!