Botkier keeper?

  1. Ok, so I went to Nordies today and found this Botkier Bombay Satchel on sale for $325. Usually, I plan my purse this was kind of a spur-of-the-moment kinda buy. Do you think this is a keeper? Or...too dominatrix-looking? :confused1: haha~

  2. I LOVE it on you. From the first picture, I wasn't so sure, but the way it looks on your arm is a whole 'nuther matter. Keeper!!
  3. Keeper, It's gorgeous!
  4. Ooooh yeah thats pretty, defo a keeper!
  5. Looks great on you, definitely a keeper.
  6. I like it! Not to much on the studs or price.

    Its not overwhelming with the studs like some BE&D are. Keep it.
  7. It looks great on you! Keep it!
  8. It looks great!
  9. I also have this bag in Twilight and I just LOVE IT. Fab price - almost timeless (IMO) - and you'll get lots of compliments. It's a quality bag through and through. Doesn't get much better! Enjoy.
  10. Deff a keeper it looks great on you!
  11. Oh yeah, looks great - congrats on a super find!!
  12. Thanks girls...I'm going to keep it after all. :smile:
  13. Good decision! I think it looks great on you!
  14. I just sold my Rust colored Bombay Satchel today. What a really cool bag. One word of advice. Keep the bag stuffed well when not in use. It tends to fold up in on eachother and if you don't carry alot on it, it also tends to sag in. Not dominatrix at all! A little biker chick maybe...LOL
  15. ITA! At first I was going to say return it, but after seeing how it looks on you I've changed my mind. Its really cute and the leather looks so soft. Keep it!