Botkier - I need help!!! (Help with the bag i mean, lol)

  1. Ok, can someone please help me determine which Botkier i should go for...a classic that not only goes with everything but also will not go out of fashion, so to speak.

    Any Clyde/Trigger owners - which would you recommend and why?

    Which is the larger and what is the difference between them?

    Alos...any other owners of Botkiers that are similar....which would you suggest?

    Phew...i'm all questioned :blink:

    I thank you kindly!!;)
  2. Hello,
    I have two triggers (large in sugar plum and medium in the nude color). Love, love the trigger. They are the most practical, well-designed bags that I have come across in a while. Leather is really soft and has lived up well to my abuse. It was trendy a couple of years ago, but seems to have some staying power- if you get a botkier, I would get it in a neutralish color so that it'll last for a couple of years.
    Like the look of the Clyde as well, but don't have much experience with it.

  3. I absolutely love the Botkier bags, but when I got a trigger I returned it because it was just TOO bulky and heavy for me to enjoy using, and I knew I never would. I keep watching for new lighter styles though.
  4. is the sugar plum that deep purple from the other year? if it is do you have a picture of yours? i adored that one but missed out on it. i wrote botkier and they said they are doing a very similar color/leather for the fall collection so i'm keeping my fingers crossed :love:
  5. I just got a black Botkier Clyde! Haven't used it yet or anything... but I got it because it looks very classy and practical!
  6. I have a mahogany trigger from the fall that I love. It's the medium size and a very soft lambskin, not the pebbled leather which I found inflexible and heavier. I've also seen the spring line of triggers which Botkier changed to have larger zippers and a shorter shoulder drop. I cannot imagine why they did this!!! I would have bought a spring color but not with the modifications.
  7. Have a lavender Clyde, haven't used it all that much. But the smell of leather smell is heaven, more so on that bag than any other bag. But I find that the Clyde isn't deep enough (can't put over shoulder either), so that's why I don't use it much. Trigger might have been better for me.
  8. The only Botkier I like is the Bianca.
  9. Chicky, how about Bianca Satchel? It's available in different sizes and colors.
  10. Yup, the sugar plum is that dark purple from a couple of years ago. I'll take a picture of it this weekend (learning how to use the digital camera). LOVE that bag!! But then again I'm a big purse type of gal
  11. In addition to the Trigger & the Clyde, I'd recommend checking out Botkier's Stirrup & Saddle bag styles. Both the stirrup and the saddle styles got a bit of a modern feel to it but are still fairly classic shape-wise. My problem with the Trigger was that while it looked really nice on the shelf (and the leather on most colors was awesome), it just felt too bulky/boxy when carried -- and that's even when there's little in the bag.
  12. I had both a trigger and a clyde. I sold my clyde on ebay as it ended up being a strange shape on me - too long or something.

    I kept the trigger which i used a lot before I got my balenciaga. I just got it in December but, sadly I haven't taken it for a spin since the b-bag showed up. I got the black pebbled leather as it doesn't show any water marks or scratches. Mine still looks new.

    I am a bit concerned though that it's falling out of style faster than my other bags are + DH hates the trigger. He thinks it looks like an accesory for a Harley Motocyle
  13. I have the Clyde (which I never use because of the short handles) the medium Trigger, which I really like and the small Holster, which I have yet to use. The newer styles look great. But for me, the Trigger is a classic. FYI - the older bags seem to have a softer leather.
  14. ooh thanks!! then i can drool over the color until "crosses fingers" hopefully they do release the trigger in the similar color at the end of the summer :love:
  15. I got the Botkier Trigger Luxe arriving tomorrow. It's Metallic Mauve, Medium size, with the pebbled leather. I hope it isn't stiff as previously mentioned. I'm hoping to get alot of wear out of this bag this summer.

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