Botkier Holster

  1. Does anyone have this bag?'s gorgeous. Especially in this Twilight Metallic Blue color. I guess I just want confirmation to what I know is probably true. Does this bag need heavy machinary to lift? Is it as heavy as the Luxe that I got rid of because it felt that it had 3 bricks in it empty? BUT it's BEAUTIFUL!!! And on sale at Elux for 399.
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  2. I have it. It's not TOO heavy. Not as bad as some bags I have anyhow.
  3. I have two of holsters and the style is super versatile 00 I carry them to work and out at night.

    The leather on the one you posted is a little heavier than some of the older leathers but it's not ridiculous.
  4. I have a Trigger and the bag is quite heavy. I use it for work, but don't like to use it while shopping because it hurts my arm/shoulder. But maybe I'm a wimp...
  5. I bought that exact bag on Neimans last call for $217! Online!
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