Botkier HELP!

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  1. hey, I'm looking into getting Botkier luxe trigger bag possibly, .... any thoughts on these possible colors? I want something cute for going out at night....should I go small or medium size? Do you guys think the "tabs" custom option is nice as opposed to the regular tassel style?
    1. tabs vs. tassel (or both ok)
    2. which is cutest color
    3. which of the two styles (trigger vs. mini holster)
    4. in the trigger, (medium size as shown 12by 9, or smaller, 10* 8 for night time...or both ok?)

    Please help...I need a cute bag for night time (fun stuff, and dinner setting) , hence all the metallics...
    triggerbag.jpeg metalicchestnut.jpeg triggerpalegold.jpeg triggergold.jpeg
  2. Firstly, I prefer the tassles for evening outings, I prefer the pearl metallic one over the gold. The gold is loud not as depends what your going for.
  3. 3rd pic for me...saw that in a store and thought it was nice.
  4. hmmm, medium size or small? the loud is a bit loud...I do favor the other three I think.

    both styles ok?
  5. I saw the trigger styles initially, but the mini holster did catch my attention when I glanced over some pics.
  6. hmmm, having seconds thoughts on the gold....maybe its ok...(have you seen it in person star?)I suppose this site is really the ideal place to obsess over bags!
  7. I just bought the medium silver trigger bag the other day and love it!!!! It's like a grey silver. Not too dark, not too light. Perfect!!! And best of all???? HALF PRICE AT Barney's!!!!! WOO HOO!

    For night, I would get the Fendi Vanity or the mini Balenciaga. :nuts: :love:
  8. ohhh, look at this too, just found it! its long though, 15 inches....good height, 7

    check out the homepage of with the women in the front carrying the Carlos Falchi metallic bag.... here's a pic....but it looks better carried!
    carlos Falchi.jpeg
  9. I like the tassels better; pale gold (third picture); and if you want it to be strictly evening, small trigger.

    Have you thought about Lauren Merkin (from




    I don't know....when I think about an evening bag, I tend to think clutch.
  10. hmmmm, nice picks Suli, very very cute and classy. I'll take a look and put some consideration into it. I just am thinking space, and what I would want to put in my bag....small, cute, less space, vs. more space, but bigger bag.....are those bags too big?
  11. wow, nice deal!

  12. wow, look, bronze prada bag....?