Botkier HELP needed!

  1. I have fallen in love with the trigger bag.:love: I like the E/W and the med or large trigger. Don't know which one to search for to buy. Can you please give me opinions???? What are the dimensions of the med. or large trigger?

    Also~ can you please post photo's of your Botkier bags? Does the turbo fit on the shoulder?

    Also~ are there leather differences? Please educate me!!!!!!:shame:
  2. [​IMG]

    this is my large botkier trigger in 'steel' - i have had it for almost two years. i have loved it and wore it constantly for months, but it is very heavy compared to many of my newer bags, so i don't use it much anymore. i was very close to buying a 'newer' trigger with the pebbled leather - but carried it around the store empty and nearly broke my back - so beware of the 'pebbled' leather if weight of bags bothers you. other than that, it'sa truly fabulous bag, it holds tons and keeps it very well organized. the double straps are thin though and sometimes fall off my shoulder...

    just my .02!!
  3. love that bag grechen! esp the color!
  4. grechen, that bag is beautiful!
  5. I've had 5 triggers & I loved them! There used to be 3 sizes, small, medium & large. 2 seasons ago, the small & large were discontinued so only the medium is being made. Then came the trigger "turbo" which is the same size as the medium regular trigger. It's about 12" across, if I remember correctly. With the 3 compartments, It's unbelievable the amount of stuff this bag will hold! I'm sure you could find a past season large size on eBay but it was too big for me. 14" across I think. Doesn't sound too bad but with all the compartments, it was a bit too much for me. The pebbled leather vs. the soft leather... Personally I prefer the pebbled as it's extremely durable. Much more than the soft smooth leather which tends to scratch easily. Hope that helps!
  6. grechenscloset, I have the same it at Barneys! It sure is heavy!

    Zacorey, I got and returned the E/W satchel, it is huge. My boyfriend, sister, brother, and just about anybody close to me that saw the Botkier E/W satchel made fun of me and joked if I was going bowling! It is super huge! Beautiful, but just too big and bulky. I suggest you get the trigger turbo, it is just the perfect size. My sister has the 2006 one in black, the leather is just amazing! buttery soft, unlike my tigger from two years ago. By the way, I own 6 botkier bags, and my favorite right now is the trigger satchel in deep purple, smaller than the turbo, but oh so sexy! Just something to think about. Good luck! vbmenu_register("postmenu_1614467", true);
  7. ^^^rmm!~ Thank you sooo much for the info!!!:flowers: You have 6 Botkiers!!!:nuts: I am jealous!!!

    I actually saw the E/W today at NM and loved it.:love: They only had one left and it was an off-white or cream color. The leather felt really soft~ which I loved. Unfortunaltey they did not have the trigger turbo for me to check out!:sad: And~ my favorite color is purple~ your trigger satchel muct be super gorgeous!!!:drool:

    Please take a pictures of all your Botkier's!!!! I would LOVE to see them!:yes:
  8. grechen~ Thank you soooo very much for sharing the photo!:flowers: I absolutely LOVE that bag and it looks AMAZING on you!!! I think I'm in love with all your bags!!! You have great taste!!!!:heart:

    I have been researching here about the types of leathers. Chances are I will probably not find a bag like the size of yours right? What are the measurements of your bag? When you get the chance please let me know!

    Thanks for being so helpful!!!!!!!!
  9. acegirl~ Thanks for the great info!!!:flowers: I guess my best bet is going to be eBay if I want to find the large size! I love big bags so that bag does seem perfect for me!!!! I will have to check out ebay now! Do you have pictures of your Botkiers?????:heart:
  10. you're welcome!!! i'm in love with all my bags too :love: lol
    i haven't seen a large trigger in a while - i think like the previous poster said, they don't make it anymore - only the medium. i don't have a measuring tape to measure the bag, but it's approximately the height, width, and depth of a lucky magazine :smile:
  11. Sorry! I don't have any pics:sad: I sold them awhile back & have since deleted the pics. I'm waiting for some new great colors for spring & I'll probably get another one!:p Good luck!!
  12. Anyone have pictures????
  13. this is probably not what you're looking for.. but i love this bag
    botkier medium essex hobo
    the leather is great and the quality is amazing

  14. Thanks Franny!!!!!!!!!:yahoo: I love it! What color is that?
  15. Franny, your bag is GORGEOUS!!!
    :drool: :drool: :drool: I must have this in still my heart:love:'re evil, EVIL I TELL YOU:p