botkier--help authenticate before i pay!

  1. i didnt see section this when i posted in the eBay section. i want to make sure this bag is authentic before i pay:
    i dont mind used, just need to make sure its real. the seller is going to take more pictures, what pics should i ask for to determine authenticity? i know a ton about denim, but nothing at all about handbags. *HELP*

    "Hi. Could you please mail me the pictures I asked earlier for before I pay? I'd like a clear picture of the front, the back, the inside of each large compartment, the silver botkier label and anywhere there are stains or defects. I expected the pictures sooner, but I wanted to buy the item and expect it will be no problem for you to send the pictures now, before I pay."
  2. please help me if you have any ideas!
  3. I can't tell from the pictures but it doesn't look promising to me. You really need more pictures in able to be able to authenticale. Also it would help if you know which season it came from because the identifying features changed slightly each year.

    I have one from Fall 2006. The lining in mine is black fabric with the Botkier logo printed inside. The logo lining was added in the later years of the Trigger. All of the ones I have seen had black lining but I haven't seen the white leather (I've seen hazlenut, bronze, cognac, and black). This would be a bag from the later years because of the pull stings (the early versions have tabs) so I would expect to see the logo lining. My guess is an authentic one is lined in black but I don't know for sure since I've never seen a white one.

    Also, there is are credit card slot-like pockets in matching leather in the main compartment. I don't see them at all but we are missing a few shots.

    There's also a zip compartment below the Botkier name plate. There is a tab on it (not a sting) in matching leather.

    Check out the search. There was a thread I found a few months ago with a link to an eBay page that gave authentication tips to which features came with each season. That way you can try to figure out which season it is and make sure all of the features are from the same season.

    Hope this helps.