Botkier has made the PERFECT bag for me!

  1. I got my black Carlton short Hobo today. It's perfect. It is about the size of my Kooba Maria and maybe a little bigger. It's so roomy because the top is elastic and can be stretched. I LOVE this bag. It was costly but it will be a keeper!





  2. Oh, that is cute. I like it better in your photos than the ones from the web that you posted the other day! Nice find! I love how the front buckle can be undone!

    What's the interior material?
  3. Botkier's inners are getting better. It's starting to remind me of Grysons. It's a thick suede (not bunchy) and it even added a long clip chain for keys.
  4. I really do like that bag and love the roomy interior. I like how it will sit and not fall over while you are going through it.
  5. Wow! Love that buckle!!!!!!
  6. That is an adorable bag. From the texture of the leather, to the studs and the buckle make it very unique and attractive. I remember that you said that the Maria was the perfect size for wonder this one is a winner. Good choice!
  7. I love this bag! I've been eyeing it for a while.
  8. Wow Lexie, that's a great bag, I'm with Koobalover, like how the buckle can be undone, think you'll get a lot of wear out of this!:smile:
  9. It's very unique- love the center adornment.
  10. Oh, I love this bag! Congratulations!
  11. I love this bag!
  12. cute!
  13. Lexie, I just keep loving this bag everytime I see it - more and more. I've already googled it and am pondering buying...

    I was going on a BAN!! :crybaby: But I haven't done the Ticker Factor thing yet to make myself. hmm.
  14. Rowan, AE is the only place that has it now besides the Botkier site and I'm sorry but for as wonderful as this bag is, 685 is way to much. I got it for 513 total when using the code for 25% off and shipping was free. I got a little antzy to get it when LNinos said they would not resissue this bag in the Fall and I don't see them anywhere. So I jumped at it. It'll probably show up on another site for 250 in a month or so....LOL There was one on eBay 2 weeks ago that was a sand in the same size and it ended for 250 or so. I just wasn't sure. The seller had low low feedback and didn't answer my mail to her.