Botkier From Amazon has No Warranty!

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  1. I had a lovely Botkier Gladiator Small Clutch Wallet that I've been carrying for about 2.5 months and last night it broke! The clasp fell off of the wallet in a clean break. This one hadn't even broken in, the CC slots are still so tight in it that you have to work to get the cards out. I only carry about 10 cards in my wallet, this includes DL, health ins card etc and I never have cash on me so it's not like it was stuffed. It has always been hard to close even when empty. I assumed the flap would stretch, it didn't. Anyway I called customer care and guess what I was told! Amazon is not an authorized retailer of Botkier so the 1 year warranty is void. Amazon says it been over 30 days so no returns or exchanges will be given. I guess I'm out $200.00 and all I got was a lesson learned. I know it's been carried for a few weeks but I expected it to last much longer and I'm really concerned about the many Botkiers that I've ordered from Amazon in the last 6 months not having a warranty. I don't expect to need a warranty for any of them but it would have been nice to know before I bought all of them.
    Have you had any issues with Botkier from Amazon warranties?
  2. Did you pay using an Amex or a card with buyer protection? I'd file a charge-back and call Botkier about paying for a repair.
  3. :wtf: Whoa, this is an eye opener about buying bags on Amazon. I've assumed that the bags Amazon directly sells (as opposed to bags that 3rd parties sell on Amazon) are authentic. But I didn't realize they were not authorized so that warranties are not valid!
  4. I am shocked too! I've contacted Amazon 3 times to inquire about it and they can't seem to tell me whether or not it's true. The reps themselves seem a little shocked but of course they have no person that I can speak with. I'm trying to get a straight answer because I have bought about a dozen Botkier bags from Amazon in the last few months and I have a few sitting in my cart. I'm not buying bags from them if I can't get a definitive answer.
  5. Wow, I really thought that Botkier sold their products via Amazon as a third-party seller! It does remind me of an incident I read about a few years ago. A woman bought a Prada Nylon backpack from Amazon and the bag's clasp fell off after 2 months of gentle use. She brought it to the Prada boutique and they were willing to do the repair until the SA found out that she bought through Amazon. Then the SA politely told her that they can't help her because Amazon is not an authorized reseller and Amazon wouldn't help her because it was past the 30-day return policy (they suggested that she try to sell the defective bag on the marketplace though? :wtf: ).

    Amazon's a great place to buy stuff and their CS has greatly improved, but this shows you that you need to be careful when you purchase things online. I definitely think you should try to file a charge-back with your credit card company for defective merchandise. Good luck and keep us posted.
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    That is really strange...

    Shopbop has been owned by Amazon since 2006, yet I've never had any warranty issues with things I've purchased from Shopbop since then. I don't know how/why it would be any different. Endless is also an Amazon company so I wonder about all the Botkier, Treesje, etc. bags sold through Endless.

    I'd bet it has something to do with the fact that you can shop other stores/sellers (*not* owned by Amazon) through Amazon. Maybe they're saying the warranty is void because they don't know whether it was actually purchased through Amazon itself rather than some random seller in Amazon Marketplace... Maybe if you can prove it was purchased direct from Amazon they can help you out?
  7. Sorry to hear about your problem with Amazon. Now I'm a bit worried... I just purchased 2 Treesje handbags from Amazon since they were the lower price compared to Endless---personally I think because since Endless is owned by Amazon, Amazon lowers its prices to look like they have the better price when in reality, they have the same exact bag in stock. After I purchased my bags, they are both sold out at Amazon and Endless. Go figure. The only difference being that you have a better return policy with Endless. Also, you can't price match with Amazon's site. Now I wonder whether I should return the bags or not. I got them for a really great price but I don't want to be stuck with something defective---just in case.
  8. So now there are some authenticity doubts with amazon? :sad:
  9. I did call Amazon again to inquire about the loss of the warranty and they seemed to think that the manufacturers warranty should apply to Amazon sold bags but again they have no idea how to find out one way or the other. Don't you think they should disclose the warranty info on the items page? On the other hand it wouldn't hurt Botkier to disclose the warranty info on their site either. So how do we know who authorized resellers are? Have any of you seen a list on the Botkier site?
  10. Gosh, that's good to know. Thanks for posting.

    One other issue with buying from Amazon -- they don't always have accurate descriptions. I saw this Bianca Satchel for $299.95, but when I looked at the picture closely it didn't look like leather. I looked all through the description and it didn't say anything about not being leather, but it's obviously one of the satin ones. The price isn't that fabulous for satin, and I'd be really upset if I purchased satin thinking I was getting leather.