Botkier Friends & Family Sale!!

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  1. :wtf: Botkier Sample Sale (Friends & Family) :wtf:

    Wednesday, December 6, 2006 5 - 8pm
    Thursday, December 7, 2006 11 - 7pm
    Friday, December 8, 2006 11 - 7pm

    Location: 13 Crosby Street, Suite 500, New York Cit-ay (I think this is THEIR showroom)

    I don't have anymore information apart from that. Does anyone know what kind of discount they'll be offering? I wouldn't mind scooping up a black handbag if possible...
  2. Oh how I wish I were in NY. I must have a Botkier Bianca in Navy!!!
  3. I heard the Botkier sale is great... Wish I could go. I guess I'll have to wait for the online sale!
  4. can someone please post up the price ranges, if anyone knows?? i found a thread about the botkier warehouse sale, which took place at the same location, with 50% to 80% off that was posted earlier in the year. does anyone know if this is as big of a sale as that one? i'm getting soo excited...:nuts:
  5. why can't I live in NY?!?
  6. Fantastic! Thanks for posting; I didn't get an email eventhough I'm on their mailing list. I'm going to have to leave work early for this sale. It is really GOOD.
  7. Do they do any online sales?:wtf:
  8. I went to their sample sale in June (July?) and got a great stirrup bag in mustard that I adore. I think I paid around $150.
  9. oh i am so going!
  10. i am so excited!!!
  11. do you guys think that they will have the essex bag? im dieing for one in green?
  12. What part of town is this in? If I go on the first day it will be nighttime and I don't want to go alone if it's in a bad area. Thanks !
  13. ^^ It's around Chinatown/Soho. :smile: Very near Bloomie's.
  14. Ohmygod, why am I NOT in New York right now? I am kicking myself for leaving my hometown :sad:

  15. OMG! i am dying for a black Trigger!!! what were the prices for the trigger?