Botkier Fall/Winter Collection up!

  1. If you go to they are previewing their new styles for Fall. Gorgeous! So many beauties!

    I love the Black rose in that red and the gold is soooo pretty. The "rose" on the bag is actually a little coin pouch that you can remove. The Cairo looks interesting too and that red bianca is yummy as well. *sigh* so many choices so little in the bank account... :lol:

    Anything appeal to you ladies?
  2. :heart:Love the Black Rose.:heart: I would probably keep the rose off most of the time (depending on my style that day) but I adore those handles on the bag.

    Thanks for sharing.:okay:
  3. Are all you getting is the scrolling bag pics. I can't get them to stop or get individual info. Can you?
    I will have the Rose Satchel. Have to wait until the 15th I guess to see the colors.
  4. Thanks for letting us know!

    I like the rose bag with the drawstring closure. I can't wait to see all the colors. The rose color is gorgeous!