BOTKIER Essex Big Shoulder Bag ON SALE @ BG-FROM $780 down to $585

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I have always admired this bag. No dimensions are listed though.
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    Botkier Essex Shoulder Bag, Handbag of the Day

    Posted Sep 2nd 2006 5:03PM by Nicole Weston
    Filed under: Handbags
    [​IMG]At first, the Botkier Essex Shoulder Bag looks attractive, but unremarkable. The bag measures 16.5" x 3" x 9" and has a wide shoulder strap that is secured with large gold loops at either end. Its supple green leather has an earthy quality to it that would pair well with jeans or a casual dress and the bag has a reinforced bottom that makes it sturdy and practical. Then, you'll probably notice that there is a large golden tusk (or claw) attached to a matching chain that is used to secure the bag's flap closure. The unusual accent gives the bag an edge that makes it sexy and unique. Price: $735.