Botkier Essex Bag - Opinions

  1. I am looking at bidding on a Botkier Essex bag. I am wondering if anybody owns this bag? What are your thoughts. Pros and Cons.
  2. I don't have one, but I love the way it looks. I wonder how pointy the "tusk" closure is, though. I hope someone will be able to provide better insights for both of us!
  3. I love the tusk too!
  4. It's really cute in person and the leather is great.
  5. Is the bag bulky or a comfortable carry for a small framed person?

    I have not seen any Elvie bags on sale but will keep my eyes open.
  6. I've admired the bag for awhile and am always drawn to it...BUT....I worry about the tusk closure w/the could get caught on "stuff" inadvertantly and before you know it - you're being "yanked" by your bag. I know, you could wear the bag with the tusk towards your body-----but hey-----it a style feature of the bag that people should admire!
    Am I being silly?
  7. I have this bag in the color Tmoro and it is gorgeous! I've had so many people come up to me and ask me about this's crazy! Definately a head turner..but in a good way.

    I haven't had minor accidents with the tusk,lol. would be great little weapon if a purse snatcher tries to steal your purse! Who needs mace!

  8. I think it looks really cool. Is it a really huge bag though? Does someone who owns it mind saying the measurements? And do you think its bulky or does it fit nicely under the arm?
  9. I would just about kill for an Essex nowadays. Still kick myself for not buying one back when they were available.
  10. I saw a lady carrying one and we were both in a leather repair shop. It's def. a head turner, very nice bag!
  11. What a hot bag. I love the horn also. I wish she would add them to most of her bags - even if they were teeny or hidden or something.
  12. I have a large hobo. I got it after a desperate search. It gets all the compliments (more than my Miu Miu's and other Botkiers) but now,I'm not sure if it was worth all the effort...It's stupid of me that I did not realise before all my bags are with zippers..I feel comfortable with completely closed bags. Nothing falls down or something maybe I'm just a freak who loses a wallet every year .....other than that, it fits very nicely under the arm but you might have problem of where to locate the chain.Sometimes it independantly goes to the direction(back side or front side of the bag) it chooses because of the gravity.(yes,it feels heavy,you feel it more than the horn) Bag is not small in anyways(ok,it's the large size) I'm 180 cm = 5 ft 11 in just fits.. BTW , I feel better when I carry it in my hands rather than on my shoulder..perhaps due to the reason I explained earlier.. As you see I'm 50/50.. on the other hand,you should get one if you ever catch,if you are not happy with it,you have more chances than any other Botkier on bidding platforms to replace it...:flowers: