Botkier Elephant Charms

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  1. I bid on and won a Botkier Elephant charm (originally from a Bryant) for my friend - when it arrived I fell in love with it - but knew it was for her.

    Anyone have any ideas where I could get another one for myself? I didnt see them for sale on the Botkier site seperate from the purse.

    I can't see spending hundreds of dollars for a purse just to get the cute charm to use as a key chain.

  2. The best bet's probably just to keep an on ebay- it's def not worth buying a whole new bag for . . . unless you want it to begin with. :smile:
  3. Does your friend know you bought it for her?
  4. Yes - I gave it to her a few weeks ago. She really liked it - so it was worth parting with. But...I would love to find another one. It looks like I may need to just be dilligent about looking on eBay again.
  5. I have an elephant charm in pearlized taupe, if anyone is interested.
  6. Just a friendly fyi...We are not allowed to offer to buy, sell or trade in these threads.
  7. Does any one have a picture of said charm? I've never seen one, but they sound super cute!
  8. I stole this off an ebay auction, hope it's okay. :x

  9. They are so gorgeous, good luck tracking one down!
  10. Thanks for posting the pic! It is very darling! I've seen the tooth thing and almost bought a gorgeous green bag with that on it! I really should have, it was beautiful!:sad:
  11. I have an elephant charm that I do not care to keep.It is in pearlized taupe from the mini vixen handbag.My daughter prefers to use the bag with the tassel only.
  12. Thanks so much. New to the site. Trying to be helpful.
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    ^ ShoeLady that's soooo sweet:hugs:

    O & Tonij2000 Truely Means well- (she just didnt want you to get a warning):yes::tender:

    We've probably all have gotten one of those at one point or another as Newbies lol
  14. I am new to Botkier....Which bags come with the elephant charm and tusk?
  15. Ok I just found an article regarding the elephant charms & symbols
    I thought Monica Botkier's reason was very cool & interesting- So I figured I'd pass it along Here it goes:

    This bag was inspired by Monica Botkier's friend, Joy Bryant whose style is “bohemian chic”. The bag comes with an elephant charm which has special meaning to Monica. In her own words, "This animal is a favorite: the community, intelligence, wisdom and memory that elephants possess mean a lot to me. They are ancient animals and definitely know something sacred about our planet and our world. When I think of elephants, I feel a sense of peace and tranquility. My daughter’s name is Sloane, which when phonetically sounded out in Russian and Polish (my parents native tongue) means elephant; taking it full circle.” Both Monica and Joy are avid travelers. Monica took a 6 month trip to South East Asia back in the mid 90’s, where she rode elephants on a trek in the far North, living among tribes for a week. Wow, what a total trooper!