Botkier - East West Satchel - quick Q!

  1. Hi there!

    Does anyone own the Botkier East West Satchel? I was just wondering if the bag fits over the shoulder? THANKS!
  2. I recently asked the same question, apparently it doesn't fit comfortably over the shoulder.
  3. Thanks! I'm tossing up whether to buy it - I can get it for $390 AUD - do you think that this is a good buy?

    I'm also not sure as it's a white (Ecru) colour...(cleaning/dirt probs?)
  4. How much do they retail for in Aus? I think if it's about 50% off and it's a new bag it's a good deal. The fact that it's white, would be okay with me, I'm not afraid of white bags, but I know a lot of the gals here are.
  5. They're pretty expensive here - it was retailing for approx $970AUD, so its 60% off - but I've heard if we buy from the US - even with the very expensive shipping to Australia, we can still save! I heard it was on sale for $220USD a few months back?
  6. Okay, so I converted the price, that's about $338, which I think is a good deal. Unfortunately, as I'm sure you know, sales are hit or miss, so if you want that bag in that color I would grab it.
  7. I bought it last season and returned it - I got it on my shoulder but it was very awkward. Also nowhere as cute as the trigger (of which I have three :smile: ). Hope this helps.