botkier discount?

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  1. i am desperately searching for a botkier bianca medium nude snakeskin....but since i just bought two rebecca minkoff bags (yikes) i really need to find a discount code! activeendeavors has it in the rust color, but i can't find the nude color anywhere. anyone have ideas? thanks!! :smile:
  2. I wouldn't trust this site. Although they don't have anything listed under LV, they had or will sell LVs and we all know Elux is the only online retailer for LV. Also their Spys and "B" bags are selling for way too cheap. I say this site is 100% fake.
  3. Did you try I ordered mine from them a couple weeks ago for 20% off (I think the code was "grechen").
  4. thanks everyone!
    halocom - do you have the large or medium bianca? i just looked at shoprapunzels and they do have the large one! but do you think it is too big? thanks again for all your help!!
  5. shopharmony - I have the medium. It's just right size-wise, but I'm having minor issues with the color. It's not quite as "nude" as it shows up online. I was hoping it would replace my MJ pocket satchel in the almond color from a few years ago, but it's darker and more tan/brown than it comes across in pics. Maybe I need to actually use it instead of looking at it on a chair for days on end! Other than the color, it's seems like a very useful bag - roomy, not too heavy, fits on the shoulder, well-constructed and lined in suede.

    The medium measures approximately 14" x 9" x 6" if that helps. Not sure of the dimensions for the large, but I think it might border on mini-luggage instead of handbag size!

    HTH :smile:
  6. ADASA has this one right now, but should be gone pretty soon...