Botkier dilemma...

  1. Ok,

    I held off too long on buying a Botkier Metallic Medium TRIGGER LUXE in Bronze awhile back on eBay and it got snatched up and I'm still thinking about that bag!


    Now that I've been actively looking, I'm learning they are incredibly hard to come by - so I'm even more despondent. I just can't find one and I really like it!

    During my search, I stumbled across one that looks kinda similar...although I dunno if I like it as much. It's called a Botkier Trigger Satchel and it's in pewter. Although this might be a good alternative in my search for a metallic, I don't know if it makes my heart go thump! It looks a little washed out, a little blah. But it's hard to judge from a picture. It might turn out that it really looks good with anything.


    Can anyone tell me if they own this bag - does it fit comfortably on the shoulder? Is it heavy? Do you like the colour? I'm wondering how it compares to the first bag, which I think I like better for shape, size and colour. *sigh* Hindsight is always 20/20. I wish I was better at making decisions. :s

    Any help on my botkier dilemma - or if anyone has come across a luxe trigger online - I'd really appreciate it. :shame:
  2. I bought my (black)trigger at Nordstrom last weekend.... call Nordstrom and have them do a nationwide stock check for you. Though I am not sure if they will ship to Canada. If that doesn't work, try a Canadian dept store?
  3. I can definitely do that. Thanks for the advice! Unfortunately there's not too many places that sell Botkier in Canada. (I only know of Holt's so maybe I'm not up on all the stores.) I generally try to rely on US sites that ship here, but again, that limits my possibilities. Esp. when trying to buy a bag that's a couple season's old... ;)

  4. That pewter bag is the trigger E/W satchel, which was not really made for wearing on the shoulder. If you're looking at it at The Purse Store, the price with 20% off is a decent price.

    Diabro had a pink luxe trigger (not sure if you would like that color) for ~$400+. Or you could just pay full price at Neiman or Bergdorf.
  5. I'd have to say - pink isn't for me! Although I saw a beautiful one in purple in another thread after I posted - and I think I'm in love!!! :love:

  6. I just called Nordstrom and they said they don't carry that brand!!! :wtf:
    Um, is that weird or what? The woman was trying to be helpful - she put me on hold three times, made a few calls - and finally came back with that little nugget of info! :shrugs:
  7. That is weird. One of my local Norstrom stores carries Botkier.
  8. She is misinformed. The Botkier website lists Nordstroms as an authorized retailer. Call again. You'll probably get someone different. I would recommend waiting until after the lunch rush so that you get more attentive service.
  9. Hmm...I checked Nordstrom and Botkier isn't listed as one of their brands. I called back and another woman said she can't check without an item number. So it really is a vicious cycle. I know they do have them, but they don't sell them online. :yucky:

    As for price - paying full is out of the budget! So I'm really hoping to find one on sale. I know - needle in a can see why I'm so upset about missing out on that ebay find. :crybaby:
  10. I have the trigger e/w satchel and it fits over my shoulder but ends up right under my armpit so I hand carry it most of the time.
  11. Add the bronze Trigger to your favorite searches in eBay. They will send you a notification by email the next time one is listed.
  12. how much was your trigger?

    as far as the trigger vs. the satchel....the satchel is not a shoulder bag and is no comparison to the trigger. its thinner and not as substantial. the trigger is a much better bag in my opinion as i have the trigger and bought an E/W satchel for my sister.
  13. It was $610.