Botkier Devon?

  1. Ok-went to Nordstrom to look at the Bianca & although I still love it, the flap/zipper wouldn't work for me. However, while looking online I noticed the Devon bag. Neither Nordstrom or Neimans has one & I wondered if anyone here had one & what the opinions are? I think the outside is simple but pretty, but what really caught my attention was the inside zipper pocket, literally in the center of the bag. Sweet! So I love some opinions, good or bad! Thanks!:smile:
  2. I got a Botkier on sale just recently at Nordstroms, and I love it!! It is really a cool back - it's a small tote or something from the last collection. I think you couldn't go wrong with this brand!
  3. I just checked the website, and the bag I have is the sasha small tote in black.
  4. I love Botkier bags in general and have owned 4. I loved the Devon in the catalogue pics but I haven't been able to track one down anywhere besides so I can't comment on how it looks IRL. One thing I noticed that turned me off to it was the strap length is not long enough to be worn over the shoulder.

    I don't think they are doing that style for Fall for it will probably go on sale in a few weeks on if you want to take a chance on it.
  5. Thanks for the tip about the sale! I was a little hesitant b.c of the lack of the shoulder strap as well. I'm sick of a "handbag" (been carrying one since last fall), but I love the look of the Devon! I saw one on ebay, but definitely didn't want to bid before at least seeing one in person & I want red, not black. But I'll definitely keep an eye out on
  6. oops, meant I want black, not red!
  7. Thanks SO much!!!:smile:
  8. did you end up getting one?

    i got the smaller one in eggshell. hope it'll be a nice bag. never seen it IRL which can be risky sometimes. ;P