Botkier Crosby satchel - anyone have?

  1. Opinions please? I'm thinking about this bag...
  2. i'm buying mine tomorrow!!!
  3. I have the Botkier Crosby Hobo and the leather is absolutley amazing. It repels water, looks fabulous. I don't think you can go wrong here. The colors I've seen on most bags; black, Burgandy or Sienna all look great. Mine is called Olive. I love it. Which color are you going to get? Here's mine.

    Botkier Crosby1.JPG

    botkier crosby3.JPG

    Botkier Crosby2.JPG
  4. I should be getting mine this week! Will let you know how it is in person.

    Lexie, great bag!
  5. Thanks BabyK, but I bought it at Christmas. Love it, great quality and holds everything. Industrial strength zippers too...
  6. I had the hobo in black and loved it, but ended up returning it because (1) the outside pockets had both a turnlock and zipper which made them too slow to get into, and (2) I got the trigger which was the Botkier I really wanted. I think that the satchel would have the same issue for me with the outside pockets as the hobo. Other than that, it was a lovely bag - suede lining and wonderful leather (thick and smooshy).
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