Botkier Crosby Hobo owners?

  1. I was in NM this morning and saw the Botkier Crosby Hobo for the first time IRL and was REALLY impressed! It wasn't as gigantic as I had envisioned, the lines were gorgeous and the leather was scrumptious. The black was especially stunning. For anyone who has one:

    • How has it held up?
    • Does the light suede lining get grimy quickly?
    • Can you find your stuff?
    It's on sale at NM Online, but not in the Dallas Northpark store, so I'll have to delay instant gratification if I decide on this bag.
  2. I don't have the bag, so I can't comment it personally. But I just this past minute stumbled on it (in olive only, not black, sorry) on the Karizma website - which I think still has a 50% off deal if you enter the toutie 50% code. Which would make the final price $347.50. That code might expire tomorrow, however, I'm not sure.

  3. I own this bag and I have it in the Olive color above and can honestly say, I LOVE THIS BAG. I wasn't thrilled about it as first because it wasn't my first pick: I was trying to get either a brown or black bag for everyday use. I'm actually very thankful now that I have this bag because the Olive is an extremely rich shade. I've been in the rain in it, a friend spilled her vodka tonic on it and the way the goatskin rebounds from these things is AMAZING. The goatskin leather looks even more antique and luxurious than EVER BEFORE. PLUS, I've been wearing a lot of wheat and oatmeal colors lately so the color has been a PERFECT comp with my outfits.
    "How does it hold up?" Amazing. Definitely not a bag you have to obsess about where to set it down (I mean, obviously not in a puddle of oil or red wine). When I'm not using it (which is rare) I do restuff the bag just to keep its shape but it seems to do it quite well on its own.
    "Does the light suede lining get grimy quickly?" It doesn't. I mean, as with all bags, you DO have to be careful about what you toss into your purse. For me, it seems to be doing just fine.
    "Can you find your stuff?" Absolutely. It is easy to just dump things in there and then have to dig for like a credit card among a mess later but if you keep everything in its place, it is a very practical and orderly bag.

    Overall, I'd give this bag an A, especially in the Olive Goatskin and at $347.50, you'd be silly not to get it! I hope all of that helps!!!
  4. Oh BagDemon, why did you have to go ahead and post that Toutie Code??!! I was "suppose" to be on a purse ban and I've done a horrid job of it with all these end of year sales.
    I just bought that Olive Hobo. 347 plus 15.95 shipping. It's drop dead gorgeous and I know I love Botkier already. My Bombay satchel is one of my favs.
    And IAmMe...thanks for validating my purchase.
  5. Oh My...i was looking around at Botkier stuff and ran across a sale at The Bombay Satchel in black is 325 and the Tall Bombay Satchel in Gold is 300!!! What a deal.
    Botkier™: Sale
  6. I really like this bag but I'm holding out for the Bombay Hobo myself.. but Crosby is definitely a looker! Too bad I missed all sales this season, boo hoo!
  7. Thithi...if you like gold ones. has one for 300.

    I really like the Bombay hobo but I have the satchel and they are too similar. Hubby hates it when I but bags that closely resemble eachother. Sees it as a waste. But I love my satchel. The other thought was the hobo would be heavier than the satchel...and that's scary considering the satchel has noticable heft.
  8. Lexie -

    Sorry to have started this thread that ruined your purse ban :devil: ! But enjoy that Olive Hobo. It will be a marvelous bag for you.
  9. Glad to be of service. Hehehehe :devil::devil::devil:
  10. I wanted the Crosby too, but I have the Botkier Emily in green already. Worried that the colors will be too close together. I can't justify really why I would get another bag in the same color. I think the crosby is very cute though. What do you guys think?
  11. Have you seen the crosby north/south satchel? it is even more stunning than the crosby hobo!!
  12. is that the same one on Botkier's site?
  13. Thanks for the code. I ordered one too!!!! I can't wait for it to get here. :smile:

  14. Nanrao, which did you order? The Crosby or the Bombay?
  15. Hi there,

    I ordered the Crosby hobo - I don't do satchels very well.