Botkier Crosby Burgundy...Need Help ASAP! Holding Bag at Nordstroms until Wednesday!!

  1. i need some help! i have a kooba natasha coming in for the spring...i want a second, smaller bag and just found the crosby top handle satchel, burgundy/wine (gorgeous color) from botkier, with SILVER hardware (LOVE silver!) any of you own this bag? what do you think? if not, what do you think of botkier in general!?!?! i need to make the decision by wednesday as they're holding the bag for me!
  2. I don't know what that one looks like but I just bought a botkier bombay goat leather and I love it!!quality is unbelievable for the money! Hope this helps. Can you post a picture of the bag?
  3. [​IMG]

    Is this the Botkier that you mentioned? I actually like the shape of the Kooba better.
  4. hi! it's the color of the one in your email, but, it is a satchel with a top zipper and pockets on either side with turnlock closures...what do you think of it as a second bag to have? thanks!
  5. oooooooo:wlae: luv it!!
  6. I love the crosby satchel! I saw it IRL at active endeavors, and almost bought it on the spot! I have the bianca from botkier and I just love it!
  7. Just wanted to give you a heads up. I don't know if the color choice is making your decision or not but the Crosby top handle in Sienna color is on sale at Active Endeavors for 298!!!

    I love my Botkier Bombay Satchel and my Botkier Crosby Hobo (shown in the pic). The quality is exceptional and the leather on the Hobo is so awesome. It repels water and stains so well. I don't think you'd make a mistake with a Botkier anything! LOve their stuff.
  8. I should be getting my Botkier Crosby in Sienna soon. I purchased it on ShopIntuition for a steal.. $200! Still waiting for it, but once I get it, I will let you know how it is. I do have 2 other Botkiers, a fab hobo and a Bombay Satchel... both leathers are different but really nice. Don't worry about quality, it's the best!
  9. Oh this is just really sad. I came on here giving a sale at Active Endeavors and I end up buying it myself. I kept thinking of it and decided I couldn't pass it up at that price. I got the Crosby Top Handle in Sienna for 298. It's different enough from my Olive Crosby Hobo and that leather is too hard to resist. There's still more left if any one wants one.
  10. I just got mine today, and it's nicer than I thought. I bought it on impulse when I saw it on sale for $199 at ShopIntuition. So I'm glad I got it cause it's actually a very lovely bag.
  11. Hope I like mine as much BabyK. I like the leather on the hobo and top handle better than on my Bombay satchel. I checked out ShopIntuition before I ordered mine but no more left. AE already sent mine out and it's due to arrive on Monday. I love AE's service.

    I seem to like Botkier's older season bags much better than their new selection. Nothing really grabs me. I sold my Trigger and Bianca because I didn't care for the design and functionality of those bags.
  12. Really Lexie?? You sold your Bianca b/c you didn't think like the functionality? Hmmm...that's actually what I wanted as my next Botkier. Maybe I should check it out in person before buying.
  13. O:huh:oo..i love this bag. i just saw it at Nordstrom's but it was in that burnt orange color and i think it's lovely.

  14. LOL Lexie!!!

    You crack me up! :roflmfao:
  15. Can't help it JadeJett....I'm such a Purse HO!

    Ok...about the functionality. I like easy in and out bags. I absolutely LOVED the feel and look of the Bianca but I detested having to unlatch and flap over that front flap then Having to unzipper it. For that reason alone I sold it.
    And as for the Trigger, I thought all the hidden pockets would be cool but it was too big and too heavy and with all of the compartments I would end up opening 3 before I found what I was looking for.

    Oh, anyone in here buy the Top Handle? They are all sold out today. I went to show hubby the bag I bought and it was gone.