Botkier - Convince me!!

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  1. I just purchased a Sasha duffel in pudding and I am in
    :heart:! The leather is very soft and smooshy but not too thin, the hardware is nice, heavy and sturdy looking and the interior has good pockets and a long metal chain with a lobster type closure to attach keys or a coin bag. I bought mine on eBay too and paid a lot less than Nordstrom (bag is definately real). You will love it:yahoo:
  2. I think it is an amazing bag....if I were you, I'd go for it!!!!!!
  3. I tried on the Sasha Duffel today at Nordstroms. Love Love Love the bag.

    So, Ruemode did you get it?
  4. Yes, tell us!!! And def. post pix if you did get it!!!!
  5. Ruemode, I had the same bag (different seller) saved on my watch list, but I didn't end up getting it since I suspected it to be fake. This one looks pretty good. I have 2 Botkiers, and the leather is great. It's not thin, very sturdy. It'll def be a lasting bag. As for how to pronounce it, I've watched E! News once and the host pronounced it BOT (like Pot)-Keer. I asked this in a thread before. I still believe it's pronounce that way. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.
  6. Love Love Love Botkier. I have 3 of them currently. They have really nice leather and nice inner lining. Solid heavy zippers too. But their bags are sooo different. It seems from one season to another you might not recognize their bags as a Botkier, they change so much.
    I've always pronounced it as they said above...Bot-Key-Air.
  7. I have the Bombay Satchel in oxblood... beautiful bag, so well made, tough as nails... the leather is wonderfully soft and smooth to the touch, but I have found that this bag could really be abused and you'd never know.

    it even smells really, really good!:heart:
  8. An SA yesterday told me it's pronounced

  9. Also, is it worth getting the trigger, instead of the clyde, b/c that was Botkier's big "break-out" bag?? What are things to look for with authentic Botkiers?
  10. i have two botkiers, one brand new and one that was an ebay find! I LOVE THEM - the leather is fantastic!!!!!!
    i think get whatever bag you want, wehtehr or not it was the break out bag. i have the trigger e/w and it is fantastic!
  11. I believe my next bag will be a large Botkier Bianca. I love the way it looks and I've learned here that Botkier bags have a really good lining, haven't seen IRL though.