Six bags on sale!!!!

  1. Well, ladies, it has been about a week since I have been able to spend more than a minute on tPF. Hopefully, I will catch up on everything over the weekend. However, I wanted to alert you to two emails I received.......

    Botkier™: Holiday 2006 They went from recently having nothing on sale to now having six bags on sale at great prices. Shipping's a bit high though. Check it out!!!
  2. Wow! Great deals! They have the trigger e/w for $225! Someone get it! Too bad I just bought a bag last week!
  3. Well, I brought the Bombay last month on sale...still waiting on the Bianca to magically go on sale. Anyway, I don't either like the styles of these bags or the colors they are available in...:crybaby:

    Thank you so much for the heads up!!
  4. Great deals. I just can't buy anymore,....:crybaby: :crybaby: :cry:
  5. Even though there is nothing that I just have to have...thanks so much for the info!
  6. What are the shipping costs? I can't find them on the website.

    I shouldn't even be considering buying a bag right now.
  7. god, i want a bag! i don't even want to look at my credit card statements right now.
  8. ugh, must resist!!
  9. Interesting, the acid and almond holster bags were on for a long time. I guess they were selling some of Botkier's past season old stock for them.
  10. i like the E/W Trigger Satchel, but dunno what color "hazelnut" is...and dunno how it looks on the bag. has anyone seen it IRL?

  11. Thanks for the info.

    I'm eyeing the trigger clutch.. but i gotta not give in to temptation.
  12. Thanks for sharing!
  13. ME TOO! I want to know how hazelnut looks! I really like the E/W! Anyone have opinions about hazelnut?
  14. I like chrystie and bianca. I really like Chrystie's wrap around.
  15. I found this bag on the PF~ just to show you all the hazelnut! What do you think of the color?