sale! FINALLY!

  1. OMG, I guess hell froze over! Thanks!
  2. OMG i am going to have a heart attack!!
    thank you soo much
  3. awesome, thanks! picked up the Bryant Large Hobo in black. My first Botkier :heart:
  4. Great deals! Thanks for posting!
  5. oooohh, fun... thanks for posting!
  6. Any Coupon Codes?
  7. ugh im in class and i can't see the site. i tried dloading the flash player and nothing! guess i'll have to wait til i get home :cursing:
  8. Does anyone know how much shipping is? I'm too lazy to take it to the final page to find out.
  9. how come I cant get the sasha? I keep getting the error page..anyone else getting this?
  10. It won't let me put more than one thing in my cart at a time...

    Not that I should be putting things in my cart at all...

    Maybe it's a sign? :confused1:
  11. Domestic ground shipping is free.
  12. i live in canada and would like to place an order too, the shipping fee is expensive though.
  13. I had the same problem and thought the same thing so I only bought 1 bag!
  14. No Sophies. Bummer. Not a very good selection :sad: