Customer Appreciation Sale

  1. For those who missed the Botkier Sample Sale in NYC, their website just marked-down a few of the SS '06 styles.

    Super popular/highly in-demand styles like the Bianca, Stirrup, Trigger, etc. of course aren't marked-down, but they do have some great deals on bags like the Fan Hobo ($695 -> $270), Tote ($480 -> $175...this tote is great for laptops/work files/etc.), Bombay Tote ($540 -> $225), etc. Get it before it's gone (and their sale stock usually runs out pretty fast)!
  2. Wheeee thanks so much :love: Debating on that bamboo tote :shame:
  3. Foxy, thanks for posting this! Great deals!
  4. Gonna take a little look.
  5. Thanks for the tip! I just purchased the Bombay Tote! Such a good price!
  6. Thanks for the tip. I've been wating to get the baby tote. Does anyone have a Botkier Coupon or know where I can get one?
  7. wheeee!!
    the fan and bombay are waay cute...
    but does anyone think the bombay is a bit of a Muse knockoff? tell me if so please.. if you think i'm nuts to think that, then i may be purchasing.....
  8. ugh, it's $150 to post out to me in Aus.. that's just stupid. anyyone want to get it and send it to me? we can work out something safe... pleeease?
  9. darn it!

    I want the baby bombay in ORCHID.

    ORCHID, not icky natural.

    = /
  10. You could always use or they're forwarding services so people like us, from Australia, can buy from US online sites :biggrin:
  11. Does anyone know if the natural one changes color over time? I've seen a couple on Ebay that are darker than the one on the Botkier website. Anyhow, I purchased the Bombay Tote and can't wait to get it! Thanks again for the great tip!!!
  12. The Bombay also comes in chocolate, which is why you may have seen them on ebay. You can see the chocolate on Bergdorf's online. I purchased one at the Botkier sample sale and I absolutely love it. It likely sold out.
  13. Ooh, I wish the Stirrups were on sale! I've wanted a Botkier forever... but somehow my "purse money" always goes towards the other brands first. :smile: