- Black Rose Wristlet $50/Online Only

  1. Figures. These are all the ones they plucked off the bags from the sample sale. Anyone getting one? I'm seriously thinking of it.
  2. Too Funny! How does this work? Is it a real wristlet to carry things in or is it like a corsage or something decorative only? Excuse my ignorance, I'm trying to get acquainted with all things Botkier!
  3. I guess it's a real wristlet but you attach it to your black rose satchel as a decoration. There should be a picture on the Botkier website. It's pretty.

  4. tonij....I was wondering the very same thing!! LOL!
  5. i have one on my satchel - it's very small lol, not really big enough to put anything but a lip gloss and some cc's in. actually it's not enough big enough for cc's! totally decorative IMO, but very pretty.
  6. Thanks for the tip. I ordered one for my hobo yesterday and it was on my doorstep this afternoon! I think I'm a die-hard Botkier customer now.

  7. OMG!! Where do you live! I've never heard of shipping that fast!
  8. is anyone else liking the bronze or the plum? which color would you pick?
  9. ^^^ I like the black and bronze. Not sure which one I like better though!!!

  10. Now that you have one in your hands, is it as small as the others say? Could you fit at least lipgloss, keys and credit card in it?
  11. This is so, so tempting! :graucho:

    And yes, please let us know restricter!
  12. I have the Black Rose Satchel in metallic plum and the color is gorgeous! It literally goes with everything because it has subtle black and brown undertones. I actually like it much more than bronze because it's more unusual.
  13. so i guess this is why none of the bags in the black rose collection had the actual rose attached on them at the sample sale!

    for $50, it's pretty pricey, considering the bags were going for $100 themselves.
  14. Hi. Sorry for leaving all of you hanging. To answer your questions:

    Bagchondriac - I live in Long Island, NY
    Pinkspider - it would have to be a small lip gloss/lipstick and a credit card and maybe a key. It's about the size of a softball.
    Lmiller - I got the hobo in red so the rose I got was also red.

    Lastly, yes, I agree that this is where the roses from the sample sale bags went to. But if the total cost ends up $150 for a bag that retailed for around $600, it's not so bad.