Botkier color question & where to buy

  1. Hi,

    Does anyone know if the Botkier black rose bags in cherry are the same color as the Bianca cherry?

    Also, where can I get the black rose in cherry besides the Botkier website and Nordstrom? I really want a coupon code or a sale to score this one.

    Thanks! Keep rocking those handbags, ladies!
  2. Bloomingdales has them both. No code though. I saw them side by side and they looked the same color to me, though I didn't look super closely.
  3. I can only answer part two of the question. They only have the hobo though in the cherry...

    I know "toutie" will get you 10% off, but maybe you could call and they could price match another site seeing as how you could just wait until somebody else gets it in stock! I have never worked with this boutique so I'm not sure, but it won't hurt to ask! HTH!;)
  4. Thanks, you're a pal!